What More Can We Do With Space?

Do we add more planet types, atmospherics, weather, danger and interactions…


Images created with AI.

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Living freighters.

Supreme capital ships that house the leaders of the main races: The Vy’keen Warlord, the Gek Tribunal and the Korvax Convergence Master Node.

New space stations (you know the leak I’m talking about)

Shipyards for ship customization.

More dungeons besides just derelict freighters (ancient alien space stations maybe?)


For "a chill game of exploration,… where you feel alone in a vast universe, " the game is getting pretty populated.

And I mentally cringe at seeing “dungeons” mentioned. This is not a D&D game. Yet some are already whining for swords. What’s next, Dragons and Trolls? Lances and jousting tournaments? Sigh (end of rant).


We have an entire universe, what do you fill it with?

Some want more to see, others want more to do. Some want it lonely, others want it populated. Some want it slow, others want it fast. Some want it calm, others want it dangerous. So they add it ALL, and give us a bunch of settings and toggle switches, so we can custom fit the game to our liking. What else can they do, how do you make everyone happy…

“What more can we do with space?”

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Should we be caught up in space storms…

Struck down by lightning…

Caught up in a space tornado…

Should even a space station be destroyed…

We have to ask the more difficult questions: “Go Farther, Dream Harder!”


Well we already have space storms


A retro diner sits on an asteroid in outer space as a man enters the door. A large neon sign reads, “Space n’ Shake.” The language is alien and locals speak of, “star collapse.” Say diner only, “16 16 16.”

Hops out of ship left hovering in space, jets over to asteroid with flickering, “Space n’ Shake.” ByteBeat hits on the Radio. Enters diner, Todd greets with a nod, picks up Space Tacos. :taco: “Keep the change.”

“No, it’s on me,” a voice exclaims, “we know where you been…”


These were an outstanding addition to the game. They appear majestic and impressive on the horizon.

Hard to image NMS without them. But what can we do with them? Do we harvest from their rings?

Yes, but I do wish that they didn’t look like planetary lightning in space.

I’d prefer visual effects similar to the waves as you approach a black hole… Something that looks completely different from lightning.

The effects could also have colors or multi-colors procedurally generated.

I feel a feedback ticket coming on. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I met a Traveller from that Iteration of the sim… think the Atlas was going through a renfair phase.

"Who do you serve? Which Baron is master of this place?"

The Traveller's appearance, its manner, the way it speaks... 
all of them feel archaic, like nothing I have heard before.

They repeat their question, 
threatening to draw their Multi-Sword.

They ask me to prepare for invasion by the Great King, 
to spread the word far and wide. 

They give me a boon for my service.

Some more space based mission-like scenarios would be cool. Like an NPC whose ejected from their ship and you need to go to their lifeboat beacon and bring em to space station or planetside site… Could add randomized flavourings to add some variation to it, could be a smooth return or small percentage some pirates chase after as you’ve rescued their mark or maybe sentinels show up as they are a fugitive on the run.

So far the only space “missions” that are radiant are roaming pirate bounties so would be interesting to see them add more to that.

I think also maybe giving unique space happenings to uninhabited systems would be a good idea, give people an extra push to seek them out. Just got to think of something very cool that also has a good reason for not happening in busier parts of occupied space. Not sure what that could be exactly but could be delivered through the pulse jet engine method like other space anomalys but maybe gives Lore. Maybe this is where living freighters convene for Mac :wink:


I have an uneasy feeling that the more elements that they add to the game, the lower the performance.

We already have a ton of performance issues after the last update.


Well, the term “dungeon” in the context of game mechanics has been quite severely separated from the narrow original meaning. Essentially, what it means is “an encapsulated, explorable area filled with danger and rewards”. Desolation had no prisons and no frenchmen either, but it very clearly added one type of dungeon to the game. I would definitely love to see more of that kind of gameplay.


I get where you are coming from, but stretching the or dungeon to describe floors levels of a derelict freighter with hostile entities is a bit much. When Tribbles invaded the starship Enterprise, it’s infected levels did not become a dungeon (ignoring the D&D rewards action).

“… its game-specific meaning of an underground labyrinth menagerie where you might kill things and find treasure.”

The real cringe factor for me is that such use starts destroying the immersive flavor of the game. There is no need to break the immersion for players that want to “experience” No Man’s Sky instead of" beat it" (which some still use to describe completing a mission).

Instead of referring to creatures appearing or coming into view (a mindset of living within the game), for instance, immersion-breaking players refer to “spawning” (a valid coders’ term that is best left out of discussion of a game’s “world” since it is not the normal use of the term ).


No, not at all. In terms of game terminology, a dungeon is almost equivalent to a “level” by now, except that it has no connotation of linear or even mandatory progression, and is usually assumed to be indoors. But when you have an RPG like dragon age or something with just dead-boring design, the terms become essentially equivalent, as differences between indoors and outdoors are entirely cosmetic and neither the mechanics nor the design care about the distinction.

I feel you there, but it’s unavoidable for any niche to develop its trade language, so to speak. This is a meta-aspect however. I will expect a game internally (in the games world) to be free of such language use, but I can hardly blame people to use commonly understood terms when talking about it. Of course, as soon as you have multiplayer, the two things will come together. That too is unavoidable. Just one of the many reasons why I don’t do multiplayer.


Original meaning and usage of the word “dungeon” remains the same from times past to times present. A dungeon is a room or cell in which prisoners are held, especially underground. Dungeons are generally associated with medieval castles, though their association with torture is perhaps Renaissance period.

Modern meaning and usage of the word “dungeon” in the context of videogames, like D&D, is often used broadly to describe any labyrinthine complex, (castle, cave system, etc.), rather than a prison cell or torture chamber specifically.

However, when you’re filling an entire universe, like NMS, I’d say “dungeon” in any sense of the word, could quite possibly be found in a universe this size. Is that cringe? Yeah! But humans did it, so what about aliens?

Do we really want them to stop adding? Adding means: (1) bugs and issues, (2) patch notes will follow.


HG can sprout hair out of places I didn’t even know existed in NMS, :hedgehog: but they clean up well. One hairy patch after the next. Goes for all games, except most don’t bathe. :bubbles::soap: So, I figure it could be worse.

:gem: They drop diamonds in the rough, we polish with complaints; (Rinse and repeat). :ring: Next update…

Space storms like this…

I’m guessing the correct animation for lightning in space would be static electricity firing from all directions within a gas cloud, electromagnetic waves, or ‘other space phenomena’ (literal or fantasied), with gradually less strikes occurring further out from the center. — So, randomness semi-contained.

Or, instead of space lightning and static electricity emanating from these clouds, electromagnetic waves or ‘other space phenomena’ themselves, could emanate from these clouds. I’d say, even fire can’t be ruled out.

I start to visualize gravitational storms in space, throwing off our steering, reversing xyz so that left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up, forwards is backwards, and backwards is forwards. “Crazed insanity!”

Try fighting THAT space battle. Fortunately, your opponents would be just as confused. :face_with_spiral_eyes::dizzy:

Other options include…

Frozen gas clouds in the form of ice crystals, essentially ice clouds, or ice storms. :snowflake:

Should we have ice tornados? That would be brutal! :tornado: — Shattered ice as shattered glass. “Sssppp-aaaaaaaaaaaa-ccceee…” Sorry, Bob. Nobody can hear you scream in space! — Next iteration, please…

  • MISSION: Survive an ice tornado.
  • OBJECTIVE: Destroy the corrupt asteroid at the center!

The asteroid at the center of the space tornado is actually a white hole. A single white dot, as if an insignificant amount of nothing. But it is a singularity. Not nearly a black hole, but utterly intense!

Occasionally, asteroids can go rouge. :comet: When that happens, all sorts of things can go wrong!

Should white holes serve as short-range teleporters? If you fly through a white hole, perhaps you are transported to another side of the star system, (1) which allows you to escape the storm and serves as either a shortcut or setback in your travels, depending on random placement, (2) but this damages some technology and you miss out on the reward for having either destroyed or captured a white hole. Reward? Consider…

  • ITEM: Stabilized Singularity.
  • DESCRIPTION: A single seed containing the entirety of a white hole. Careful!
  • Note: Sell for profit, or offer to the Atlas and see what happens. The results may surprise you!

Destroyed? Consider…

  • ITEM: Cosmic Energy.
  • DESCRIPTION: Clarified energy at the heart of all things.
  • Note: Use toward fixing 1 damaged tech or slot, or gaining a full stack of any desired substance.

Granted, not all space storms and space tornados come from asteroids and white holes. But these would be monsters to pilot our starships through, requiring us to slow down and not take so much damage. — This could be emulated through frosty cockpit windows and tingly sounds of ice crystals, louder if we dare accelerate, quieter as we slow down. — Do we already have ice crystals, in the form of crystalized asteroids? :gem: No, because we would be harvesting “gas crystals” from these already, requiring our processing (or heating) in order to release their gases (and/or liquids) as usable substances added to our inventory.

If we had the ability and need to drink water, :cup_with_straw: this too could be harvested from space (in addition to planets), requiring some level of processing (separating other substances) and filtration (or purification).

So, this could serve as another way to harvest gas, another substance found in asteroids. Should we harvest electricity from electromagnetic waves? What would be our purpose in doing so? Should we profit from or harvest byproducts from radio waves and transmission signals? Should light waves and audio signals get entangled and grow into inexplicable bewilderments in the heavenly skies above? What ‘other space phenomena’ (literal or fantasied) could we harvest, and harvest from, and interact with in space…

What challenges, risks, dangers and benefits could these, and the aforenoted, impose…

The above depicts the remains of an Exotic S-Class Royal starship, having succumb to the most brutal of all phenomena of deep space travel. “There are things out there that you’d never believe, Traveller!”

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I’ve been reading this and I find it hard to describe what I want from a game, to be honest. I would want the examples that you list only if there is… how to put it… several slightly different options for me to react…?

Just a life support draining storm that looks good is not what I’m asking for. Currently, to survive a planetary storm I can a) run to my ship, b) stay outdoors and recharge with sodium c) hide in a hole I dig d) shelter in an NPC settlement e) use an exocraft f) ride a pet. That’s a pretty good selection. And it’s just one example. There are also several ways to craft/obtain the same product and several ways to make money etc.

If there is one option that’s always best, that’s boring. Maybe X is best in 50% of cases and when it’s hot, Y is faster, and when it’s cold, Z is easier… It’s much more interesting to see what people choose to do in their current circumstances.

What could new gameplay be in space, against space weather or pirates? Drifting and running silent, hiding in an asteroid, a “warp 9 jump” followed by a short power outage, flying in the wake of a space whale, slingshot around a planet…?


Since we know space storms and other space hazards will ultimately drain our starship shields…

Should we try to make that gameplay more interesting and challenging?

Our starship shields presently require no other technology type, (upgrades are optional, but desirable), and require only 1 of 3 fuel types, Sodium, Sodium Nitrate or Starship Batteries. Should starship shields now require additional technology types, protecting against additional hazard types? Should these require additional fuel types, in addition to our shields requiring Sodium, etc. to protect against impact damage?


Space ice storms require our basic starship shield tech for impact damage protection, in addition to (optional, but desirable) starship shield cold thermal protection for max cold damage protection. Space fire storms, space radiation storms, space toxic storms, and etc. require similar tech for maximum protection.

Should we find ourselves battling the stars and planets themselves? :thinking: Hmm…

New star system type and planet type discovered…

An unstable star system due to an unstable planet on the verge of collapse. In the case of this particular planet, it has somehow been separated in two, so that the core is utterly exposed. Unfortunately, this is creating instability throughout the entire system, which is causing chaos for the citizens of this system.

So, depending on the severity of the situation, your job is to either help citizens escape the system, before it’s too late, or destroy the unstable planet, so as to restore peace, or somehow restore the planet, if possible.

Meanwhile, Todd at the local “Space n’ Shake” chomps down on Space Tacos. ‘Stable Asteroid #87497974884789084426.’ You see, Todd just saved the world, and so can you. Be like Todd!

“Space n’ Shake” would like to join the people in praising their unsung hero, Todd!


Unstable Planets :fire:

How would you even describe what happened here…

The man is struck with awe. He cannot speak, does not know the words.

“Should I panic, should I anguish, should I pray?” — What is he to do…

When all the memories you ever had, you ever were, :boom: flash…

Do you express fear — Be the citizen, or the superhero? — Both.

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