Wishes for Update 1.3, 1.4 and beyond

NMS PS5 VR and NMS Xbox One VR

Hello Games, please hear our request… NMS VR at E3 2018.

Or realistically a coming update. :pray: We do understand. Truly.

We’re bracing to cope w/ PS4 Pro VR; Less worries w/ PC, but,

The Graphics: Downgrade? or better optimization? You pick!

QP0: Wishes I’m rubbish at everything, especially the Dualshock Controller, so why do I have everything?

Yes I know I do not have literally everything but there is nothing more I think I need to continue. As far as I know I haven’t used any cheats and only started at 1.38 by which time many cheats like “Reloads” have gone. I do not play online.

Two earlier threads I started brought some interesting comments so I thought I’d throw out everything I have thought about this game to see if there were other ideas we should get out there.

I should say that I DO NOT want more slots. I want to make it harder to manage resources. Perhaps a second galaxy would be the place for that. i do want to increase RISK which is where the exitement really is.

I am definitely not a pilot or even much of a shot on the ground or in the air. Until very recently I only had a B Class Rifle, B Class Hauler & an Infra-Red Accelerator. Yet I have :-

34 Slot S Class Freighter
24 Slot S Class Alien MultiTool
1 S Class 48 Slot Hauler
1 A Class 48 Slot Hauler ( I traded a 48 Slot S Class for it. Really !)
1 Exotic Mosquito (49D 59S 64H) (Trying to trade for the Red 49D 59S 64H Squid I’ve seen once)
1 Exotic Squid (48D 59S 61H) (If I get the Red above then I trade the other Squid for a 48 Slot)
999,999,999 Units

If this does not prove that the game is too easy I do not know what will.

I found myself responding too often to comments on earlier threads so I have broken things down in to 6 threads discussing everything from Flora/Fauna to Game Play to Network Play & Spoilers.

To be honest If I could have had only 1 change in game play it would have been “Less would be More”. Less slots or more critical items in the same number of slots would make life interesting. Maybe this should all be in Galaxy 2 so newbies get to learn like we all did.

So please have a look at the threads QP1-QP6 I have posted and hopefully there can be a fruitful discussion…


This kind of discussion proves to me that there are specific gaming “styles”.

I play games to relax and "escape’ from the traumas, hype, advertising, politics, brutalities, and whatever other dark and painful stuff RL (or TV and Movies these days) has to offer.

Normal Mode has just enough challenge for me and those like me, thank you. I don’t need less slots or “more challenge”. I personally want to “chill”, enjoy the scenery and wildlife, gather materials and craft stuff (perferably without portal and harvester bugs --lol)

This is why I’m so happy that HG gave us the separate Modes in game.

I will be happy to know that you too will be happy if you get the kind of game (in a separate Mode from mine) that you want.


I loved watching the big friendly dinosaurs in Jurassic Park but hell those Raptors did it for me.

PS They should have got that last big one off before the lava got it.

QP1: Wishes RISK: Fauna & Flora

Once you are fully tooled up you can ignore any predator. One shot and they are dead.
The one aggressive plant life is only a nuisance and even the weather, although a pain, cannot kill you if you have that one correct MT.

So I have a few ideas on how to add spice to your life, and give you what you really really want! RISK.

Triffids. Plants that surround you quietly.

More deadly underwater life. Just watch Attenboroughs Blue Planet II. I have yet to have any underwater predator attack me with a speed you would see in our own oceans.

Speaking of Attenborough. Those snakes would be really spooky.

Where are the insects? You just cannot have large animals without smaller food sources. Killer Wasps (enough stings to kill you) and maybe another weapon (bug spray).s

Pterodactyls. / Killer birds.

Bird Strikes. Now you have to repair your starship.

Locusts to destroy farms.

LESS SLOTS would really make it interesting. Less power but more creative option (bug spray).

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You are making a huge assumption here. lol

Risk is something I don’t want in a game I play to relax.


I play on permadeath and the wife plays creative - we both love it. I would like to see create-a-mode where you can tailor settings to your wishes. Sliding scales for Ai , amount of pirate interdictions, etc.


Surviving something new involves risk, even a new girlfriend (not that I’d know anything about that). I just like a mental challenge and that is how I relax. 5 minutes on a beach and I am bored (and usually burnt).

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I appreciate that you have your own way of relaxing. I take issue with your position that seems to imply that we all should find the same things relaxing.

I hope you find a way of playing that allows you to relax as YOU want and still allows me to relax as I want.

That, or go make your own game the way you and those with the same likes/needs want it.


QP2: environment

Let’s be honest running around has become not much fun. Those plants only shock & falling in a cave is hardly life threatening. So here are few things I’d like to see.
Bogs / Quicksands

Real life needs. Water/Food. Without water you would die in 3 days. Water has both weight (slows you down) and mass (takes up suit space). Many planets have no water so how much do you carry. Equally water slops about a bit so makes flying difficult. This adds requirements for freezing it which in turn increases the size, so more slots not to mention the refridgeration unit(s).

Give us a real and full compass and remove or limit the “Homing” device. This would make trying to hurry back to our ship more tense. It would require planning a route without the ball of string, paying attention to landmarks and where there is none placing a marker. Now you need more resources,orcing yet more planning.

We keep finding crashed ships, yet we can’t really crash and do real damage. I’d love the risk when I tree hop.

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QP3: risk: interstellar

Worm Holes. They could just appear and whisk you off somewhere. Possibly wiping out saves.

Other Galaxies that are are actually VISCIOUS (etc) not just more harsh planets. The Original Elite had Anarchy Systems where a minimum of 4 “really fast” pirates attacked as soon as you arrived and then 4 more etc.


All can destroy bases/starships/planets.

Planets that really spin or are like Mercury (One side blindingly bright and one utterly dark. Just think. Caves you couldn’t even see right in front of you nevermind Flora and Fauna.

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QP4: game play

Just some thoughts.

Rockets to be purchased (as in real life). You cannot reload a rocket launcher with minerals. You need actual rockets. Dah!

Submarine Exocraft.

Water Worlds. Again Submarines. Perhaps your starship can float for a small amount of time before sinking so you have to be quick swimming or travelling further with a Submarine/Nomad.

Let us surf a sun. Strangely you can fly in to a Black Hole but not a Sun.

Something to make Haulers/Fighters/Shuttles more necessary.

48 Slot Haulers are just storage. Exotics have all the power.
Shuttles are useless
Fighters replaced by Exotics and Haulers.

Places where only Shuttles can get (small enough and don’t attract bandits so much).
Can have more on the Freighter/Carrier again because of size.
Inter-Connectivity between them so you can build a "Swarm`

To be able to transport DNA/Creatures from System to System. Takes up Slots Allocation but profitable and not necessarily in Units.

Freighters/Carriers to have 9 usable slots or rather 8 usable slots if you want anything to land. It is daft to have 3 unusable slots.

Systems with 2 Black Holes consuming each other or one or more planets.
Systems with Binary Stars.

Random Rarer Ships so there is no guarantee they will be there when someone else turns up. Stops WWW spoilers.

Some reason to HAVE to go in to caves. Spiders not withstanding getting lost in a cave is a real possibility. I have yet to find ANY reason to take the risk, even if I have 2 methods of getting back.

Accessible Freighter/Carrier Gun Turrets. Possibly limiting slots again.

Exotic Planets to have something interesting to do rather than just be pretty.

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QP5: observations / bugs

With a full load of Infra-Red Accelerator weaponry just 2 Phase Beam add ons gave some serious firepower.

Viridium just appears to be Emeril on different planets. Once nowhere now everywhere.

How come undiscovered planets have trading posts and habitable bases?

Regardless of what weapons you have the data reflects the resultant firepower rather than just Photon Cannon.

Being able to see your feet.

Being able to see the rear view in a starship (rear view screen or turret). As in the original Elite it gives tactical advantages currently not available.

When you pick say Solar Vine in the wild and it re-grows it still does not appear as Purple Resource but your plantation Solar Vines do, 2 hours later

Stop Exocraft & Starships moving with you when you teleport. It just makes things too easy and is not realistic even in Sci-Fi world. Teleporting to get a resource is sensible. Having an expensive way of calling an Exocraft is okay. You should have a cost to keep calling your Freighter/Carrier.

Please please a gunsight that changes colour on snow. I know I want more risk but then remove the gunsite altogether. The time it takes me to find my sight even when mining drives me nuts. I did say I was rubbish at all aspects of DualShock Controller stuff.

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How many threads are you about to spam? This is the 6th you’ve posted within 10 minutes.

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Just trying to get them all out there for discussion. Why use the term SPAM? It was good enough for Monty Python. We are 1 month away from NEXT so now is a time to discuss as I’m now just twiddling my thumbs. They may destroy everything we have. They may want new ideas. Your response is why most normal people just can’t be bothered with trolls which I assume is what you are.

Hi quill pen, I think what darth thretthon meant to imply was that it’s general practice to maybe keep all your ideas to a single post covering the topic of things you’d like to see.

However we do have a thread that fits this purpose that it might be more preferential for you to post in. In fact I’m sure a mod will be along soon to either merge your posts to that topic or merge them into a single thread.

It’s less disruptive and makes the forum easier to navigate and archive discussions, nobody is trolling you :slight_smile:


At the speed at which he was posting them he was obviously copy-pasting all this stuff from somewhere. At any rate I’m done talking about this…I flagged some of them to hopefully get some moderator attention and they can sort it out however they wish.


Let’s just all relax. I’m about to have a beer.:beer:


Gorgeous weather for it too on our respective islands today :slight_smile: might follow your example and craxk one open too :beers:


Quill pen I admire your passion and the conversation you’ve brought to the table, welcome to the community but do take the time to read some guidelines and kind of get a feel for the place, it operates much like forums used to before the rise of social media online.

It may be hard to find the appropriate threads these days as waking titan activity has more or less pushed them down the page quite a bit but we also have categories, so threads relating to game tips would be found under Knowledge Center etc


QP6: wishes

Real Looking Jurassic Park Creatures/Plants.

A Parallel Universe where the Physics is different.

Sexier Starships

Black Ships with Red or Black “Avenger/Firefly/Avatar” style engines. Just a personal preference.

Firefly/VTOL Engines.

WW1 Sopwith Camel style Starship. Biggles would love that.
WW2 Spitfire

I recently traded in my Top Spec S Class 48 Slot Hauler for a wild daliance with a beautiful A Class (The S Class just never showed up) Yellow “Bird of Prey” with cool blue Avenger/Firefly/Avatar engines. Put it on a hillside and Ooh shivers all down my spine. Is it me or are Yellows always more powerful at least in Exotics. Red’s seem significantly weaker.

Interestingly a Red Exotic Squid turned up twice whilst looking for my Bird of Prey. Only twice. Never seen again. Both times 16 Slots so obviously ignored.

What about really hard to get Freighter Warp Drives that can go 10,000LY or even more. The emphasis is on the really hard to get. Not “On this planet you always get one or you can just buy one”

Galactic Map to show Species Specific Systems.

Freighters renamed Carriers. In what way are they Freighters?

Stop calling Paradise Planets Paradise Planets. The only one in hundreds without some nasty weather was my second planet & it had killer big cats & giant dinosaurs & spiders. Preferred that to the weather.