Why do any Mission Board or Anomaly/Polo mission?

I have a 34 Slot S Class Freighter loaded with S Class 48 Slot Freighters & 20/6 Slot Exotic Starships. I have a 24 Slot Alien Multi tool. I have max slots/cargo Exosuit & all 3 Exocraft. I have looked at Polo’s list and have everything on it without having done a mission. I have looked at the Mission Board but cannot see anything that gets me more than I have or that the game needs. There isn’t anything on the Nanites Counter I don’t have, except +2 & +3 Freighter Warp Drives which is now my new search. I have 999,999,999U (varies a tad).
Really I am killing time hoping July 24 brings new stuff, Killer Pterodactyls and things you have to earn (not cheats & not jump here jump there missions). I have played the whole game in 1.38 and until the Alien & Squid never left my local 30 systems. I only went for them in case on July 24 HG screw up my Home Planet because I suspect even those items were nearby as I had had an Alien Pistol. I abandoned my planet just to store my Piggy Bank off planet in case.

It strikes me that free play will achieve everything without being told go here go there. Even the Farming missions were just a case of here it is, what next?, step back 3 paces, step forward 3 paces and here is the next one. Actually that bit was funny to do.

I just cannot see what else there is to achieve whilst waiting for 1.5.

What I really want is more excitement. The best times were things like 5 Sabretooth Tigers & 6 Sentinels boxing me in & still escaping without firing a shot, apart from the one’s that got me in to that trouble in the first place. There has been so much room for creative solutions & thinking. But doing missions is not remotely creative, not even digging out a crashed freighter.

So if anyone has any good ideas I would be grateful, otherwise it’s Freighter Reactors & the Centre & collecting more Exotic Planets as I presume they are placeholders.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Start a new save slot.


Well, it’s a game, you know. At some point, you’re through with them. Maybe play something else until july, like subnautica, or star traders: frontiers or whatnot… :wink:


A very good advice. Take a break with NMS until 1.5, play Subnautica and you’ll hope for “submarine” things in NMS :smiley:


Are you playing Survival mode? That or Permadeath can be very, very exciting. Trying to simply stay alive brings a real sense of achievement.

Once I worked out walking about was equally or more important than running, I actually stayed alive far longer. The whole game then begins to make sense and explains why things are mapped out in the landscape as they are. Those modes require far more thinking and plotting.

Permadeath can be a real tear jerker lol. In normal mode I am now headed into the farthest galaxies. Creative mode gives me the opportunity to visit galaxies I can’t (currently) return to and nose about discoveries and bases others have made. I just completed a large base in the Etarcia ECSD system with a short race-track. Fun. In the workshop too. There are lots of workshop bases to visit and explore.

So at least for me having completed everything in Normal Mode now Survival and Permadeath have changed everything. Hopefully good training for whatever multi-play challenges arise.

You could build a collection of ‘Heart of the Sun’ Atlas seeds, as I wonder if they may be useful once NEXT finally arrives. Finding that last creature on planets is a good way to pass the time. Easier than some think. Building race-tracks in different environments is satisfying. Why not make a Youtube video of one of your game sessions. Sculpt something in the terrain. Name things on a planet with a theme to them. Anyway just a few suggestions but they may not all be to your liking.

But really, I am still having a ball, simply travelling deeper into the universe.

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Stop all the grinding and just do what NMS was really designed for…exploring planets for the sake of exploring planets. Take your time and really explore some planets on foot or by craft. Take some great pictures and just soak in the sights. Chill and enjoy! I love creative mode because I can relax on extreme planets and enjoy the crazy weather or toxic oceans while exploring what is often some crazy, amazing scenery! GL!

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I have a couple of games on the go where I’ve set myself specific limitations. Like I won’t take stuff from other people’s farms - I only get the stuff I create myself. And I will never buy a ship for more than 200,000. The only ships I buy are scrappers, that I swap for nice crashed ships. All the good ships I have (and I’ve got lots) are crashed ships I’ve restored.

Sadly, I have to buy freighters. If I could restore the crashed freighters, I would.

Playing it that way gives me plenty to keep searching for.

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Actually restoring a 48 slot B Class Freighter early on was what got me started. Just a few slots, get them to make enough to pay for it then repair a few more. It doesn’t take long to get to 45. The last 3 only came with real wealth. As to raiding others farms I have only ever played offline. If this story was for real, which is how I play it, then with that many planets you might never meet anyone. Creative leaves me cold as there is no risk. I wish there were no cheats on the internet and hopefully 1.5 will get rid of the main remaining ones. As to wildlife they are the best bit but I have only had 1 underwater predator & they were too slow. If more needed items were in caves and there were more “spider” guys in there that would be cool. It should be all about the danger

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Got the Atlas Stones, again without any missions/paths. Sadly no left brain (missus queries right brain as well) so Creative is no use to me. Did a couple of last creatures but if there was deep water and real nasties or deep cave nasties then that would be cool. I had a really vicious TRex who crept up like one of the soft ones then whammo!
When the game 1.38 started there was real danger everywhere but by the time you have top of the line hardware nothing is a threat really. I cannot play Permadeath as stopping to help the missus/ rescue a pet etc guarantees death as no time to do a Planet Based Save.
Still the big answer has been no one thinks I would gain anything from missions or paths and for that I thank all the responses. i may re-try Elite Dangerous as Elite in 1984 was the last computer game I ever played until NMS. Sadly my first try on ED showed the game was pretty but otherwise the same as 1984. I did try the 90’s PC versions but exactly the same game and an unbelievable amount of bugs. I don’t thing 1.38 has much in the way of real bugs apart from hearing water and then falling through the game necessitating a reboot. There are some “design features” which kept it interesting.
Anyway I ramble on. Thanks for the replies

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Me doing a Youtube video is hilarious. I wouldn’t even know how to start. I have videos, including one that makes everyone laugh, a creature immitating John Travolta in SNF Stayin Alive (which was appropriate music for that animal at that moment). I don’t know how to tweet or face stuff and would blog but same brick wall. I can give lectures on how computers all work in code and logic but the web not so much. I am a Steve Wozniak man not a Steve Jobs (I should add I hate Apple & Google for what they did to Unix & Linux)
Again thanks for ideas and replies.