What is "The World of Glass"? Analyzing the new lore (SPOILERS)


That does flow very consistently with the lore & it also removes an issue regarding what is ‘real’ & what is not, (as @DarthTrethon & I were discussing earlier in this thread).
An archive can be accessed by any with the permissions to do so & that could include beings existing outside of the realms we know of in NMS.
This adds more possibilities…& questions.


Not sure this info helps make things any clearer.



And what’s so cool is that lore has been in the game since day one. There’s always been this hidden narrative of mysterious glass. Is it ever going to culminate in a gameplay element? (Besides virtually empty planets with no real reason to go to them except to get more lore)


That description of the crystals actually reminds me a little of the alien multitools that have crystals embedded in them.


Interesting comparison…at first when I read the last bit about being made into vessels for intelligences unlike them I thought of the player controlled travelers but no, the travelers don’t have any glowing crystals in their skins so that can’t be…I figure it has to be a reference to the family of glass but I don’t think we’ve seen any of them yet.


Maybe nanites are made of “glass” and this was the first reference to them before they were even an item in the game. The glass brought these people closer to their fate, and the nanites killed the First Spawn in the newest lore and made them a part of the Family of Glass. Seems an almost perfect parallel.


The Overseer on the ‘world of glass’ …


Scanned as “Organic Rock” Abandoned Object. Filled with Mordite.

Ironically they were just down the hill from this


Wait, are you saying these could be the dead encased in glass?


That or the game has finally introduced Silicon based lifeforms :astonished:


I found these on the first day of NEXT and couldn’t work out what they might be.
If you ‘pluck’ them they go dark and you get mordite so I presumed they were some sort of egg or biological crystal.
Didn’t feel like ‘killing’ them so I’ve left them alone ever since.
With that as my impression, I’d be disinclined to think of them as ‘dead’…as touching them is what kills them.


Well, the lore does speak of the sentinels placing Travelers(?) into some sort of containers…and they create such a familiar looking red orb inside the shiny, clear shells…and we know where Mordite comes from…and the sentinels are always scanning and checking on things…it would be cool if we saw a sentinel scan a dead creature and then carry something away…but perhaps they only do that for Travelers. Perhaps they are not technically dead when placed into the containers. It may be more a way to preserve them…
Just seems to fit.


It’s the gravitino balls, I tell ya. They’re watching us!


Before @DarthTrethon says it, these were in the files from day one, but never rendered into the game. They were originally going to be a source of Omegon. It would be cool if they changed them to have something to do with the WOG though.


How many puzzles are there now, which don’t seem to culminate in actual gameplay solutions?

  • center of the galaxy (doesn’t exist)
  • creating a new star (no new star gets created)
  • the abyss (isn’t even a thing, not even in The Abyss update)
  • the world of glass (also not really a thing)

For a time, I kept thinking these puzzles had a solution… that there were clues to be deciphered. The iteration numbers, the “memory offsets,” the binary code in certain mission text, etc.

But after trying innumerable combinations as portal addresses… nothing. Just more planets and creatures that all start to look pretty much exactly the same. Just more crashed freighters and glitch planet ring structures and 3/3 system rooms with no more dialogue in their terminals.

So we are still waiting for many bugfixes and a new chapter of content I guess.


Portals were a mystery that had the community constantly trying to solve it, but it was finally added to the game.


Indeed! And when they updated it, they told us they did it. It’s not like they left it a mystery that we had to solve.

But I always wonder if there is also a hidden mystery added to the game… something to decipher that gives the location of some hidden planet…

I also always wanted the “birth a star” feature to actually birth a star. But I guess now we know what was meant by “It lied to us”.


Well, how do you know it didn’t? How can you tell? In other words, what difference would it make?


It doesn’t actually birth a star - but it does give you a blackhole location afterwards that takes you to an undiscovered system - so it might as well


Oh wow I didn’t know this, do blackholes always send you specifically to an undiscovered system, or is it just this particular instance? I mean, statistically it will pretty much always send you to an undiscovered system but does this mean with instances outside of this star birth blackhole nav point, a blackhole could send you to a discovered system by chance?