What forum software is this using?

I know I probably should just message one of the mods, but I can’t find the button (since I’m an absolute moron) so I thought I’d just ask here.

@Sixene: I changed the category to ‘Knowledge Center’ instead, as I can imagine others possibly asking themselves the same question.

The software used for this forum is Discourse, an open source discussion platform.

It also uses something called “Let’s Encrypt” though I don’t know what for since I’m not a web designer, but it does sound like something cool a mysterious ARG would use.

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Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority, used for SSL and TLS certificates required to provide a secure connection.

If I recall correctly, this has caused you issues visiting the forums through the PS4 browser in the past, as Playstation did not support Let’s Encrypt prior to the 5.0.x System Software versions.