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Two questions or suggestions regarding the format of the forums and features of software:

  1. Is there an option to enable the previewing of posts say by simply hovering a mouse cursor over the post? This feature is available in many other forums and I submit that it might be useful and helpful here.

  2. Once upon a time ago I seem to recall a rarely used forum category related to the website design and content. It might be useful to create such a category.

Both questions seem to be more relevant now due to the large influx of new participants as multiplayer seems to have garnered much greater attention and participation.

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@ChewyWeAreNotHome: I have moved your topic to the Help Center.

  1. Discourse by default does not have a feature to show a preview of topics created. We encourage users to describe their topics as best they can in the title. The only way to accomplish previews is through additional plugins. This is up to the forum admins to decide on, if there truly is a need/wish for this.

  2. I think you are referring to a topic posted in ‘Announcements’ by our forum admin @oldgods, see below. This category is specifically used by admins/moderators to inform the community of anything important. This topic was created when the new theme design was created, to allow us to report issues, which turned into a nice discussion about the new design.
    Forums new design

As you may have noticed, we are working on a re-organisation of the forum with the release of NEXT. We aim to aid in recoverability of topics created on this forum. We do of course welcome any suggestions to further improve on this.

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