Video Upload?

Is there no way to upload a direct video to the community site?
Apart from links like you tube etc.
Seems a silly question perhaps, but if it was possible it would be a good implementation to this community if it was possible. :film_strip: :slightly_smiling_face:


I donโ€™t think Discourse has itโ€™s own video format, you can only do links to other video websites.


@K4ORIGIN: I have changed the category to โ€˜Help Centerโ€™.

Direct uploads to this forum is not possible for videos, only images. The forum is however capable of embedding video, depending on the source/url. Most commonly used is YouTube, but many other locations where the video source is located, will result in showing an embed of the video here on the forum.

This means that if you have a video on your computer, you will have to make it available online somewhere, making sure that a link to it will result in an embedded version here.