“New” section not working

So on theses forums you can click on the “categories” button and get a list of options to choose from. When I come on to the forums, the first thing I do is check to see if there are any new topics by clicking that button. Recently the “new” part of that button will randomly disappear even though there are new topics. For instance, I just made the mistake of starting a new topic when someone had already created one about the same thing, because I couldn’t see that there were new topics made. The same thing has been happening with my notifications as well. Has this been happening to anyone else?

It hasn’t happened to me or anybody I know on the forums yet (besides you). Maybe try contacting www.etarc.org to see if they have a solution.
What search engine are you using? For me, everything works on Internet Explorer and Google.

Happens to me, too. Try going to the home page and see if you can find it there. I can find on the home page.

The notification flags have been misbehaving for a while.