Live update no longer working


Since a couple of days, I have noticed that the main forum page is no longer live updating for me. I have to force a refresh instead to have it show new content. Also the Newand Unread remains stuck on the last amount until a refresh. Curious if anyone else experiences this or knows a solution to fix it.


I actually sent a PM to balmoth about it a day or two ago, he said he will see and try to found out why it’s happening.


This is happening to me also. This morning it kept saying I have 7 New and 7 Unread, no matter how many times I clicked it and read them.


I have also seen this behavior. I usually just hit the ETARC logo at the top of every page to go back to the main page, but refreshing the browser window itself cleared the New and Unread counts for me.


May be a consequence of server migration. I’m experiencing the same problems but it only started on the last few hours / day


ETARC is ECHOing …:grin:


For me it started several days ago, so I doubt it has to do with the planned migration or current changes made.


It’s been doing it to me for a while.
I ignore the main title and instead use the 3 bar menu tag in the upper right.
Typically I click “unread” or “categories”.


I have the same problem but I don’t know since when.


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