Pictures / videos stop loading after a while

So is it happening only on my machine or is it general?
I’m trying to view old posts in a really long topic (Funny pictures and graphic hiccups), and when I’m scrolling for a while, the forum just stops loading pictures and videos in posts after a while. (Clicking on the links won’t help either, those seem to be broken too when this happens.)

  • It happens regardless of where I start my “journey” be it from the earliest post and going forward or starting at the latest post and moving backwards in time, no matter.
  • It happens every_time I try and browse through that topic, and once it stops showing the links correctly, it won’t work no matter how many times I come back during that day.
  • Refreshing (even with Ctrl+F5) doesn’t help.
  • Clearing cache doesn’t help.
  • Forum login / logout does not help.
  • Nor does restarting Windows or rebooting the whole PC.

What is going on here?
It makes going through that topic a painfully slow experience. Literally I can only view a few additional posts correctly each day…


I have no idea. Maybe @DevilinPixy would know.

So I tried it myself. The pics load slowly but I believe that is my internet. Otherwise the thread seems to be working correctly for me on PC.


I’ve noticed a similar activity if I try to post via a ‘device’ (as I often do). The text freezes & I have to log out & (auto)log back in.
Then I can access the topic & my attempt to type will be sitting there awaiting completion.

I think it has something to do with the site refreshing, like when someone else drops a like or a post. It’s kind of random & didn’t occur on this occasion :thinking:
Very annoying.

I’m guessing your internet or PC is getting hung up for the same reason…


I am not sure what causes your issue with ‘lazy load’ as you scroll down. Are you having similar issues on other websites, or is this specific to this forum (Discourse)?

Might be helpful to know what browser you are using. You may be able to check the browser console and see if any errors show that may be related to loading new content. Have you tried disabling any ‘themes’ or ‘plugins/extensions’ could help solve the issue?

If specific to this forum, you could have a look at the Discourse community forums and/or report your issue there?

Let us know if the issue persists and I will see if I can figure this out.


Darn. Thanks for trying it out!

I see. This also happens when I’m not posting anything, just want to browse.

Happens only here. To my knowledge this is the only Discourse engine forum I visit, so I don’t know if it would happen with all Discourse forums for me or just this one…
I’m using Chrome, with auto updates on , so always latest version. I’ll check the console next time. I don’t use themes, I’ll try fiddling around with plugins. Thanks for the idea! I’ll update if I find out anything.

(edit: minor rewording)


Chrome on Xbox one s, similar loading as described by others. Thought it was just my slow WiFi.