(Un)pinned topics


I’ve noticed that the pinned topics (ex. ‘Introduction Thread’, ‘Resources and Information’) are getting automatically unpinned.
Not sure what causes this, but I seem to not be the only one?

Kind of ruins the whole importance of being pinned


The same is happening to me as well :sweat:


They were probably pinned for x days. I will repin them and when EMily is around she can decide if she wants to unpin them


Definitely has to do with the topics being clicked on by the user. I even saw it change in the topic itself. So you’ll have to repin them yourself.


Urgghh!! I only now noticed this is an user setting!!

Go to your profile -> preferences -> interface -> ‘Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.’


Good find I completely missed that one. @Emily or @oldgods any chance this can be disabled by default?


sorry for the late response, I’ll see what I can do but I think it’s just the way the platform works!