Hello.. the limit of posts per topic for new users

So I was in a deep conversation in the WT thread trying to figure that out… how many posts do I have to make to be able to go back and continue that conversation? It’s why I joined here, do I need to make xx? amount of other random posts here about other stuff first… how many before I can go back to the topic I joined and wanna talk about?

Also… not sure why we can’t just talk in the topics we like… why do we have to talk in topics we are unfamiliar with as a new user? I don’t know what to say there… but I guess I can make up something to talk about in those places.

EDIT: also how do I change my avatar?


As time progresses and you are involved with multiple topics, give ‘likes’, receive ‘likes’, read lots of previous topics (please don’t post in old topics) and generally recieve badges, you are allowed more privilages. It’s a growth thing.
To recieve ‘likes’ you need to be constructive and polite. This forum and its members, aim for good mannered, polite discussion, leaving the harsher conversations to other forums.
Avoid long winded posts in current discussions and take the time out to learn how the site works.

To change your avatar; go to your personal page by clicking on your current avatar.
This will take you to your personal submenu.
Sellect the ‘cog’ icon and this will bring you to your page where you can upload a different preffered avatar among other personalised options.
Just take note that the ATLAS-65 forum uses round avatar windows which focus on the centre of your chosen picture. Oversized pictures may not fit the way you want.


There are also tutorials it recommends taking, beginner and advanced if I recall correctly, which give you a badge each so thats another way to get towards bigger privilages.