Petition: Poll: Please Increase Amount of Forum Hearts?

I’m so tired and frustrated by never having enough :heart:s to show appreciation of my interloping compatriots on these forums!

I really don’t understand the need for such a limitation.

So if you have an opinion on this subject please vote and I hope the powers that be will take affirmative action.

  • Yes, Please!
  • Not needed.
  • Don’t care.

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@oldgods and/or other admins here.

Please take note: Not everything needs to be gamified.

Please increase our allowance of of being able to show appreciation. The restriction is a disincentive to engaging here. it simply makes some of us want to not visit this forum for a few days until we can have enough hearts again. Thanks for reading and considering.

(This extra post is to bring this request to the attention of the powers that be, but I was afraid that editing my original post would reset the poll.)


Like Away…:wink:


(If I understand you correctly… Thank You!)


If there’s a way to “allow more Heart-likes” in total, but perhaps have a reasonable “per-person limit”, that might be a fair way to go…

Sharing the Love around – it will allow, and encourage, Likes to be given to a wider array of people!
If you’d like to discuss inclusiveness and “incentive to engaging”, I think it would make sense to sort-of “disallow” over-liking of “the same few people” all the time. :wink:

By limiting per-person, but allowing more widespread Likes, it ought to encourage all to “give more love” to a wider array of people, the recipients of which - especially newer arrivals - will in turn be encouraged to engage more, and get to know a wider array of longer-term members.

Does this make sense to anyone? LOL


Yes it makes “sense”. But I disagree.

Limiting a person’s ability to show appreciation to whomever THEY appreciate is counter to the meaning of the word “like”. Also it irritates me.

I doubt anyone here ignores new people’s contributions or only likes "popular people’s posts. I like what I like, whoever posts it. (also being partially blind I often don’t notice who the post is from…) lol

So… no thanks. Why limit liking at all? ::shrug::

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To clarify, what I meant was … not granting “much more” likes per person, than may already be granted, presently.

SOME more, but not too much

Whilst I AGREE, in principle, with the idea of being able to Like as much as one likes, I’m wary that the system exists partly because “too many likes” rather DILUTES or De-Values the Likes we already have – do you see what I mean?

In THAT sense, then, there “should” be some sort of limit to Likes.

Having some limitation rather “forces” us to be more thoughtful with where we apply them.

What I would love, really, is some way to see how many we have left (and maybe the Reset timer).
(Of course, if it’s already there somewhere, I could stand for some schooling… LOL)
I’ve been schooled! :smiley: :heart: Thx Dev :wink:

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Test it out…:no_mouth:


First of all, let me be clear that I don’t mind the discussion and poll to gauge the community interest for increasing the like rate. I think this is certainly worth considering.

I can understand disappointment when you ran out of likes and another great topic/reply shows up, unable to show some lovin’. I can also understand how there may actually be a good reason to increase the amount as this community has grown and continues to grow. With a larger community, more content is posted, making it harder to stay within the ‘rate limit’ while keeping the same judgement to share your love.

I do however not believe it would be a good idea to limit ‘who’ you like. Likes are expected to be thoughtfully given and carefully considered, based on content. Some users are just more active than others, having a higher probability of receiving a like. When implementing any such limitation based on single users, it would affect the internal workings of how the forum uses this feature.

When running out of likes on a regular basis, you may want to consider re-adjusting your evaluation level. I can not imagine this being a reason to stop visiting the forum, as I would expect the main reason for visiting, being the actual content, not the amount of ‘hearts’ you have left.

Having an unlimited amount of hearts to give, would likely result in breaking the inner functionality for calculating post ranking (top posts, external comments, etc.). It is a system that gives the internal system ‘meaning’, which is only achieved if there is a limit. Without any limit, it would become a meaningless feature.


Lastly some current numbers for likes and additional info:

  • New users, Basic users = 50 / 24 hrs.
    1 like / ~30 mins.
  • Members = 75 / 24 hrs.
    1 like / ~20 mins.
  • Regulars = 100 / 24 hrs.
    1 like / ~15 mins.
  • Leaders = 150 / 24 hrs.
    1 like / ~10 mins.


Each ‘single’ like will expire after 24 hours, this means you do not usually have to wait a full day to be able to like again. You can check your profile under the ‘Activity’ tab to find your ‘Likes Given’. Scrolling down your list will allow you to sort of calculate when the next like becomes available again if you ran out. This list shows how long ago your like was given, anything showing ‘1 day’ or more has been freed up again.

I have brought this poll and wish for an increase to the attention of the admins. It is up to them to decide on granting an increase. I would suggest to spend your love wisely!



Thanks for the clarification, @DevilinPixy. :smiley: :+1:

I had only thought, in suggesting any kind of “per-person limit” for Likes, to find a way to maintain “Integrity” of the system you mention, by somehow finding a way to avoid potential for “preferential treatment” or awkward forms of favouritism … but of course, totally take your point re some people being MORE ACTIVE and/or posting MORE CONTENT – which would naturally require “more Likes” available to…

Express agreement, support, and highlight interesting posts

Perhaps the gradual increase of the Likes caps “in line with Community growth / numbers” would make most sense…? e.g. per Quarter review of the numbers, in line with Community size, participation, etc… :wink:

Given the list you shared, which varies Likes limits based on Membership Level (which makes v good sense, as earning higher levels comes from participation), I might guess that there’s no back-end option with this Forum application to set any kind of “max Likes received per person, per day” setting, anyway…
So I will gladly & humbly withdraw that suggestion, esp. in light of the info you’ve shared above. (Thank you!)

I do however not believe it would be a good idea to limit ‘who’ you like.

I most certainly and unquestionably agree with this particular statement.
I would not be pleased if I was “only allowed” to Like e.g. max 10 different users per day, or any such…

In stark contrast to my other suggestion (whereby you’d be free to Like AS MANY different peoples’ posts as Like limits allow, but only liking different posts by one/each person a certain max limit number of posts per day),
limiting the number of people you’d show Support for, through Like limits, would be silly.

:heart: Fully Agreed! :+1:


My favourite self-quote: “You can’t help who you love; you can only limit with whom you associate.”

Thank you very much for the detailed response! I apologise for not responding sooner as I only just saw this yesterday while I was engaged elsewhere. :eyes:

I also appreciate you intervening on behalf of those of us who want an increase.

Thanks again for the clarifications.