Any advice for badges?

There’s one i know how to get, i think it’s called “Nice Topic”
When you make a topic, and receive 10 likes.
Can you guys help me get 10 likes on this post? Lol.
I know it isn’t that important. Im just wanting to unlock badges to see if it gets me anywhere.
Plus, it’s kind of fun. :smiley:


Post a really nice screenshot. Snappies are popular. Those threads tend to get the most likes.


Awesome! I’ll try to find a cool screenshot and upload it. It’ll probably be related to no man’s sky, or maybe something like my cat, dog, or turtle!

My advise would be to earn them :wink:

@sheralmyst: Earning “Nice Topic” will not work when posting in an existing topic.


How do i see badges i haven’t earned?
If there’s a way, please tell me lol.
It seems the only way to find them is going on someone’s profile that has already earned them and taking a look at the way to earn the badge they earned.

Compare the ones you did earn with the list below:


All pics here are related to NMS-related. Posting your dog or turtle will probably not get many likes. Unless you put your turtle in a NMS scene, lol. That could be funny. :laughing:


Click on the 3 bars in the upper right hand corner of the forum page. Badges should be one of the options.


I tend to agree with @DevilinPixy - if you actively participate in the forum, the badges will take care of themselves.

That’s what the badges are supposed to represent - your track record as a forum member. Not your abilities as a badge collector.


I collect badgers… oh sorry wrong forum


Or dress your turtle up like a Gek! :joy:


Like others have said: being an active, regularly contributing member is your best way of getting badges. Over time they just sort of pile up.
I personally don’t pay attention to them (or trophies in games either for that matter) but if you like that sort of thing, read up on the badges & then conduct yourself accordingly.



Holy smooch!!



@Jacob_2000_Lol on a little more serious note, I remember when I first started here more or less one year ago, that I too was a little mesmerised by getting badges and recognition.

I thought the notifications/badges/status within the fora actually meant something for Waking Titan, like certain users getting privileges or assumed to fill other functions within the game itself by acquiring these badges. Of course, no such functionality exists within the game.

So, here are my tips on how to get recognised posts: (1) stay active and contribute as stuff are happening real-time (like live streams, live-drops, puzzles etc) and (2) present insightful thoughts/comments on either the lore and story of the game, or on unsolved puzzles.

I guess (1) is the more rapid-fire way, and (2) is the slower/thoughtful way.

All in all, the badges are meant to reflect how beneficial your contributions are deemed to be by the community, and therefore is a result of a process (and not the initiator of said process). I for one have enjoyed having you around, and hope you’ll continue to do so! Usually it’s the mass of “anonumous” posts that help the game as a whole, rather than singular posts (which only rarely does the job).

Ok, back to work for me!


Very true!

There’s a badge for flagging posts, but i don’t want to just flag a post for no reason.
Any advice?

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If you start trolling the community you will be kicked out quite fast. You’re asking for advice so please read my post just here above (the one you seemingly responded to). That is the best advice I can give really.


Thanks bcatrek.

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No problemo

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