Am I missing something?

So uhh… what happened to the off topic section? Plus in my profile it says I’ve never posted there yet, which is definitely not true, given the amount of things I’ve excessively posted. Did I miss something? Or is it just glitched out?

A new organisation has been in the works and just recently been implemented. This has resulted in some changes. We now have a General Discussion, making ‘Off-Topic’ pretty much redundant. All content previously in Off-Topic, has been moved to the General Discussion category, leaving Off-Topic empty. I am not sure why Off-Topic still exists, but this may be due to defaults used by Discourse.

We are working hard on getting everything sorted and back in place with the new organisation. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we will do our best to solve any issues because of it.


Ah thanks for the info

RIP off topic :skull: :disappointed:

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Souldn’t the No Man’s Sky section be above general?

We feel it makes most sense to have General listed first, with No Man’s Sky followed as it is just part of this forum, albeit a big part.