Language bug

Since yesterday some of you have been reporting the forum language changing randomly to Japanese , Finnish and other languages.

This has nothing to do with the ERTAC forum, and is not part of the testing we are under at moment (I hope but you never know with Dr Elizabeth)

It is a known bug from the Discourse platform

Refreshing your webpage or closing it and reopening it seems to solve this problem.

Let me know if you have something different related to this.


I experience this bug in work all the time, I think maybe thursday or friday it started happening, figured was a discord thing myself. Doesn’t happen at home :slight_smile:

The add-block browser glitches hardcore… Even this forum holds no adds, wouldn’t surprise me if there was some intended screwing from “Discuss” or whatever it is called.

Interesting… it seems I have been compromised

dang finally got this dang language bug

I just got it… Right after uploading the Phase 3 photo for Montreal.


yea mine was after uploading mine to

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yeah, totally not weird.


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