Languages mastery problem

No longer able to get words from npcs, from knowledge stones, buildings, or monuments, etc.

I finished the Gek first, then the Korvax, and lately, the Vy’keen
And yet I am still getting talk trees that contain incomprehensible words.

Am I missing something? Or is it a bug?


I believe you never do get the FULL languages of the races. You eventually max out the ‘learnable’ words but this still leaves you having to think a bit during conversations.
Congrats on getting all the words though. That’s a lot of learning :+1:


Aww… Thank you!

It never occured to me that we couldn’t be fluent in the other languages…

So after all that not much help with the “Practise the language” game. :joy:

(Could someone change the category to “help a Fellow Traveller”, then if this is not a bug? Thanks!)


If you have the translation helpers installed, they should complete the few remaining words. I have switched from PC to XBOX 1S and get to start fresh with the first new save since Pathfinder :eyes::ok_hand:


There are quests that require you to learn new words. Some time ago, it was discovered that people who had maxed out their word learning could never complete these quests.

HG’s fix for the problem was to make it so you could never learn all the words. Even if you maxed your word score, there would always be some you didn’t know.


I remember that. However, I don’t believe you could do those quests unless their was a way to actually learn new words --which if you are maxxed, then there isn’t. :joy: