Frontiers - Language Learning

My current settlement has Korvax inhabitants. The instructions tell me to “speak with the citizens”. Well I tried, and I couldn’t understand them.

So I travelled round a lot of Korvax space stations, and I learned a lot of words. I came back to my settlement, and tried to talk to the citizens, but I still couldn’t understand them.

I went to the anomaly, I bought the three translator modules, and installed them. I came back to my settlement, and tried to talk to the citizens, but I still couldn’t understand them.

I travelled to new Korvax systems, and learned all the words their space station residents had to offer. I came back to my settlement, and tried to talk to the citizens. By now I can understand around 50% of what they say.

According to the Milestones counter, I now know 261 Korvax words. Surely, there must be a limit to the number of Korvax words in the game’s database? How many do I need to learn before clear communication is possible? Does it ever happen? And if it doesn’t, why does the %!"X*% game tell me to “speak to the citizens” ??


I can understand most of what they are saying.


Oh God. So If I learn as many again as I already have, I’ll still only understand most?

I seriously wonder what the devs were thinking about when they put languages in this game.


Well, I am missing one word in each sentence.
Also, I tap every knowledge stone I come to.
I also feel like they are adding new words


Back in atlas rises there were between 650 and 750ish words per race. But that went up after Next. Not sure what the total is now, but I reckon a good bit more


According to the Wiki, there are over 700 words for each language. I would think that Frontiers added quite a few more.


I’m missing 1 or 2, and it’s always the most important word.

“We are ejfeifjwoeij with your plans for the settlement”

Ipklwows! We kogrurd the new building!”

“You are doing poelgfp work!”

So I don’t know if they are happy or angry.


I’ve added around twenty words since 3.6 release and that was split between two planets. I still miss a word in some sentences.


The wiki is outdated when it comes to the alien languages. In Beyond there were close to 1000 words per race already, with some additional data added to each of them to go with the implementation. Even Atlas had like 260 or so words back then. I can imagine there to be quite a few more by now.


I rarely pass a Knowledge Stone without interacting & for a while there I spam-chatted to various races to get words, (before the one-word-learned-per-chat nerfing occurred).
My 1200+hr game still is not language maxed (although it’s getting close) & the Atlas words are way off being completed due to the limited interactions.
No idea what the word count per race is but I’m guessing it’s approaching 2000 going off how long it took to reach the max count in the early days.


Yeah, in the past I paid much more attention to languages.

Unfortunately, when Expeditions launched I made a bold decision, deleted all my old saves (some of them going back years), and made a completely fresh start.

I have found this to be a really good way of renewing my interest in the game. Unfortunately, it also means that I lose all my accumulated benefits, like faction standing and language knowledge. In the past, I never found languages particularly useful, so I figured the deletion was no great loss.

With hindsight, that was, perhaps, an error.


I’ve spent my entire virtual life in this universe from day one launch, PC, in one save. I bet the file is… pretty big. :sweat_smile: My fiction has kind of, sort of followed my path through this curious dimension. I even flew back to my origin world, and had a similar reaction.

My language competence has fluctuated over the years from knowing the three languages fluently to pretty well, to mostly. I know Vy’keen best. I’m hoping that when I do dive back in, most of the bugs have been squished, and I know well enough what my new friends are saying. Hopefully… :yum: