Words Learned: Total?

Can anybody tell me how many words there are in each language?
And if the Alas Rises update added any new words, as I am pretty sure it did, and the new Journey log totally ignored everything I had previously learned.

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This is according to the game source file GCALIENSPEECHTABLE:

Language Amount
Atlas 220
Gek 708
Korvax 679
Vy’keen 761
Total 2368

Yes, new alien words have indeed been added for the Atlas Rises update. If you want to know exact counts between updates, let me know.


  • I have started to find alien Atlas words, I have not yet been able to find in the source files. They are translated as full ‘sentences’ instead (U3_ATLAS_LANGNEW).
  • I have also found alien words for the Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen which are not present in the source file mentioned above, but present in the localisation files only.
  • There is one duplicate using the exact same ID present in NMS_LOC1 and NMS_UPDATE3 (WAR_EVERY).
  • There are actually alien words that exist for the Traveller as well and I am curious if I will find more (see below). Interesting to note how the dash is translated into an alien word.

Tis the problem about words.
I was able to understand.
The amount of time I spent learning then was gone with the Atlas update.
I have learned again several thousand but at this time hardly understand what they say.


Excellent info thank you very much.

Interesting about the alien words, I don’t think I have seen any of those yet.

Well, I am getting close with the Korvax, but still a way to go with Gek and Vy’keen it seems.

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