4.0 Save Upgrade Bugs

Not sure if anyone else is finding some of their recipes / milestones etc when updated to 4.0 got kinda jacked up, but some of mine did.

Recipes where all wiped (well 99%) so I have to manually redo all them…argh.

Biggest issue right now is Languages. I had everything learnt…says I am missing some, can’t learn any.
Not sure I want to use the Save Editor to Unlearn them all…but I am not sure what else to try. MY save shows numbers that don’t even match those in game…its weird. And I hadn’t used an editor to “cheat” at any point… Any one with similar?

If I can find an old save maybe I can revert the words learnt to an earlier point? Unless there is some running total thing in the save somewhere also…

Should be easy enough to just pull the relevant section from a JSON save…if I have any backups lol


Not sure it has not been this way all along…I have building parts in my catalogue that do not exist or maybe they did exist way back…? I also have missing pics for many things yet I have found them and crafted them.
At one point I used save editor to learn all words but was bummed about not being able to use knowledge stones so I save edited about 1/3 of them back out. For a long time, ks said I learned all words but there were still words I did not know in conversations.


well example game says 630/650 words or something for the milestone, but when I checked save it says something entirely different. Wont let me learn new words to complete the milestone.


managed to fix it. There was running totals in save that were not matching words found. Updated them to match.


Caution: How auto-save works

It appears that auto-save overwrites the last restore point.

That can have negative consequences. Read the slumber story of a reddit user …


Exiting ship is actually no longer treated as an auto-save but creates a manual save instead.


oh, didn’t realize that. Thx