So how many save have you got?

… And what do you do with them all? Especially since each Expedition makes us create yet another one.

Do you delete them, keep them all (like I do >.>), or do you simply move them elsewhere?

I am so tired of being dunned to do the same inexplicable lore quests over and over again, that I often think of going back to the last save where I did them all and deleting all the rest.

But that has its problems too. My fancy new freighter, and once again, a starship that hovers!

I dunno. What do you do? What do you think?


I have 3 saves.

I have my LEGACY save which has been in existence forever. I relocated my base during the NEXT update (after Atlas Rises) & added little bits to it as updates required (electrics, teleporter) but have left it close to what it was before. What are you doing to prepare for the NEXT chapter? - #20 by Mad-Hatter
There are a few ‘outpost’ bases’ but at the moment nothing lavish. The Command Ship is heavily decorated & fully equipped…
That game is pretty much fully ‘awakened’ with every milestone, tech, upgrade etc.
I treat that save in an honest manner with my character having integrity, utilizing frigate missions & Storm Crystal harvesting as a way of keeping the previously aquired fortune abundant.
I use this game for weekend missions & ‘storing’ unlocked quicksilver rewards.

I have a PIRATE save which is a leftover from the pirate expedition. It has most tech & but no main missions & I prioritise varied play, using trade & smuggling as my character’s main way of making some income although there have been instances of blatant piracy earlier on.
My character doesn’t focus on being a pirate in particular but doesn’t really care if things get feisty either.
I do aim for better standing with races & factions so I’d class this game as more neutral than my other 2 saves.
Bases are lavish & each incorporates a mud hut as a bedroom. All tech is unlocked in this one.
Just a chill game that I use for exploring, weekend missions and gradually improve in a lazy unfocussed way.
Currently fixing up a little red Royal Exotic.

My 3rd save is my SCAVENGER save and is the most recent one & is the leftover of my second playthrough of the Sentience Expedition.
My character is the Atlantid headed robot & this game is being played in a survivalist manner with no hording of anything much (other than upgrades) and it is played in a day by day style where I just grab as I go.
No ethics beyond survival…He’s a ‘droid’ so logic overrides other decisions. I think he’ll evolve into a bounty-hunter & generally be inclined to disregard standing in favour of profitability & continued existance. Not evil but certainly not nice.
Not sure where I’m going with this one really as being unpleasant isn’t really a gamestyle I go for usually.
I think I will run this one through to the next galaxy via the Atlas missions and just allow it to always be fairly basic and therefore a bit more challenging. Then at some point I’ll go on a ‘shopping spree’ and get lots of building & tech upgrades.

I’ve found the less advanced saves actually more fun because there are challenges. Once you have a save bolstered to maximum, everything becomes a cakewalk & becomes boringly easy.

Edited to add details, link etc.


I have one.


I have 3 saves.
My main save which I have had since I moved to PC with NEXT. I jump into this save when opening new items in QS and collecting Expedition rewards. But, I have built so many bases in it, I have maxed out my building ability. So I started a Relaxed Mode save. It made starting over quit a bit easier.
My 3rd save is the only Expedition save that I have kept because I found a critter I named Jumpin’ Jack. He is so puppy-like and so adorable, I had to keep him. Plus, I really like a couple of bases I built in that Expedition and the system I am in.
I have erased all other Expedition saves.
Of course, this does not take into account my one save on Steam Deck and the one on Switch and one on PS5… :nerd_face:
Happy Cake Day!


Oh wow, I remember visiting this, fun little place that matched the horrid planet environs it resided in, lots of rust : D Much pipe and silo :3

I have some saves on ps4, I think I overwrote my original save around the time atlas rises came out but before we could have multiple saves. Couldnt tell you how many hours were put in to it either at the time because the game didnt tell us this info back then either. I dont think I’ll be going back to any of my ps4 saves, cos my ps4 is on loan to some kids that will get more use out of it. Also have a PSVR playthrough save

I have a save for every expedition on pc, expedition 1-4 on ps4, I have my original PC save from 2016 that I didnt put much time in to at all, mostly to check out some mods in those first few months. I didnt return to or make pc my main until maybe 2020.

My main PC save is from the first expedition, i have one for a permadeath playthrough started in 2017 I’m too scared to go back to as well and a VR save but I found the WMVR Lenovo headset to be not a fun experience compared to my time on PSVR plus my CPU struggles with the load from GPU.

1,538 hours put in to pc according to steam. I think 1250 of those hours easily done in the last three years. PS4 I would take a guess at somewhere between 5000 and 10 gazillion hours


I have dozens of backup saves, going back years. I suspect most of them won’t work any more - both the game content and the engine have changed to the point where even the file structures are different.

The oldest active save I have (again, it would probably be a disaster to try loading it) dates from 2017.


4 profiles, 6 saves (4 normal, 1 survival, 1 perma)


I love a concise, no frills answer :wink:


8 saves for me

  • Primary account has normal (legacy), survival, permadeath, first expedition which built the save well and the most recent expedition.
  • Secondary account which was started when there was an incompatibility for legacy saves with a major update: It has normal, survival and permadeath mode saves.

Total combined hours is well over 4K


Happy cake day!


I have one main Normal save from NEXT, a Creative one, and sometimes a Permadeath, depending on my mood. I kept the expedition saves but just because I forgot to delete them, I don’t intend to do anything with them. I’m a bit chaotic with saves and sometimes just go and delete stuff when I don’t recall what’s special about them.

(I had one space game (which was canceled) where every save slot listed some stats, how many bases, how many skill levels, etc. so the players had an idea what that save was, that would be a useful feature for NMS as well…)


I name my saves (via the options menu) by what playstyle I’ve established ie LEGACY, PIRATE, SCAVENGER, TEMPORARY1, TESTBUILD3, that sort of thing.
Before they brought in the ability to custom name each save, we had to go by the hour count to distinguish each one, which was terrible.


Or the date of the last time you played…still was awful. I deleted many saves and a couple that I did not want to delete. Now I have MAIN, RELAXED, and JUMPIN’ JACK


I have too many saves. I started fresh after the universe reset and have kept that one. I have started most expeditions but never finished any. I’ve kept their saves around in case I want to go back and check out some interesting systems.

I really need to check “What’s there,” record glyphs as wanted, then delete those saves.

Our all takes time, if which I have little. :unamused:


Happy cake day


I have 9. I’m a packrat with the expeditions saves. :crazy_face:


So far the response to this thread has been interesting and enlightening. I have fourteen saves starting with a legacy save of almost 1800 hours, one with over 700 hours, and the rest about 200 or less. Steam says a total of over 4,400 hours total.

:nods: I do wish there was a way to consolidate them all. One has my favorite pet, Another my favorite base, another the freighter, etc., and of course I’m sure the legacy one has done all the blasted lore quests. But the legacy one doesn’t have the later things like underwater bases, and living ships, and well, you get the idea…

So I’m thinking of just blindly deleting all but the legacy save. That will hurt, but it may also be a relief. I will have to see if it still works first.

That is very clever! I would love to be more organised. ;`)


I have had way too many, but only ever really cared for a couple of ‘normal’ saves, for what ever that still means. All other saves have mostly been for testing and never been used for a long time. There is one ‘creative’ mode save starting to accumulate quite a bit of time spent on it, but I am in no way attached to it, other than saving me a lot of trouble to get to the amount of items and progress/level it is at.

The few saves I truly care about were started way back, having fond memories and history. A big part of that is bases, a few ships, 2 freighters, and various companions I love to see when I feel like. Due to the many bases and not wanting to lose them, rather maintain, I am also somewhat forced to have more saves than I’d otherwise care about.

All-in-all, I am pretty sure I have likely had a total of 50 saves or so, most long gone, although always present in some backup. I think I have about 6 saves I keep around currently, of which 2 are most dear and maintained since Atlas Rises.


I’ve had many but recently deleted the ones that I don’t revisit. One save has been with me a long time (pre atlas rises), one was in hard mode (but not permadeath) which turned out to be more fiddly than hard, and the rest are continuations of expeditions that left me in an interesting state. I recently received a PS5 as a gift and was only able to move four saves. I could probably figure out how to move the rest but it hasn’t been important enough to worry about as I’ve only played two of the four that I did move. I’ll start a new save with the next expedition or update and build up the collection again.


I now have 6 saves:
-Main save
-Older save
-Oldest save
-Creative mode save
-Singularity Expedition save where I chose Atlantid
-Singularity Expedition save where I chose Crimson