Still have the Pillar?

Was just wondering, do any of you NMS connoisseurs still keep around Ol’ Reliable?
I find that in most of my saves, I do, just for historic purposes or something.

Sometimes, when getting to my freighter in order to refine something, or maybe send my frigates on a new mission, I spot Radiant Pillar at the corner of my eye, and feel good about myself.

What are your thoughts?


Welcome to the forum @Nexoi
I have kept my original ship on most of my saves. I have one file dedicated to the use of only the original ship. Can’t stand to let it go.


I once held onto the Radiant Pillar until it was completely maxed to S class & full slots. I believe it cost over a billion to get there…& then I deleted that save. :crazy_face:
At present I have an (expedition) save which has the ship I started with but of course it isn’t the Radiant Pillar.
Typically, I scrap the Radiant Pillar early on about the same time as I first alter my new character’s appearance to ‘claim’ my new game…admittedly I haven’t started many fresh saves since the expeditions became a thing.