NMS not saving

Happened twice today. First time I thought I imagined it. Second time I checked.

PC, Steam, Normal, Public

I went to make a change in the save file and the timestamp for the current file was five hours old. Went back in the game and hopped in and out of my ship - Restore Point Saved. Refreshed the directory but the time stamp didn’t change. Hopped in and out some more. No change. Flew to a different area and tried it. No change. Put down a Save Point and used it. No change. Finally exited NMS and lost five hours of changes. Not crucial but is annoying.

Restarted NMS and now it’s working as it should but short five hours of changes.

Done for tonight but would appreciate any enlightenment that comes my way.


This may have been fixed in the Steam 3xperimental branch, likely soon to go public:

Fixed an issue that could prevent games from saving correctly. This fix fully restores any affected saves.


Thank you! I was hoping that it wasn’t just something that I did.