Weekend Event

So, I didn’t mind this one, but I was in a relaxed mood.

Initially confused, I flew away to the sunny side and shot a few leopard type creatures (the ones who want to eat me), expecting to get some results. A bit frustrating. Eventually found a bat like walking creature who liked sweetened compost so fed a couple.

When you feed creatures, they follow you, so I herded a couple and walked around a bit eventually gathering 6 or 7 together then gathering their “fruit”. Once you have a herd it doesn’t take long, the only difficulty is hiding from sentinels (just walk your herd in the opposite direction and hide behind a tree) and the occasional killer cat.

I too seem to get occasions whereby no creatures seem to appear. I can hear them, but nowhere to be found. It actually seems to have got worse since the last update where they stated that they had fixed this. Frustrating.


Strange things are happening with the fauna. I was in MP for the mission and trying to get a pic of the killer cats that greeted me at the Portal. They continue to move when MP is enabled so while framing the shot, this cat suddenly streaks into the sky and vanishes.
I finally found 3 of the needed critters but as I fed them and waited, one of them kept popping in and out of existence…is was too much for me. :laughing:


yeah the animals were really glitchy this time XD one kept giving me fruit non stop but then just vanished…

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Your experience with that “Master Pilot” is why I leave multiplayer OFF. Too bad there is not in-game severe penalties for that type behavior.


Rate this as the worst weekend event ive played.


I had 1 spawn and started the herd, rinse repeat, when another player came and was taking all the berries/fruit , so i went off to do my own thing.

And its been 4+ hours and no new spawns. Im now going back to nexus to abandon the event and restart and try one last time…

That did the trick.
Fauna was right at the grave marker, quickly built up and recycled through a herd, nice…DONE :white_check_mark:


On the bright side, I think they are upping the difficulty because we are getting close to the end of the current storyline. Last week was more challenging too with the 16 glitch items on an exotic planet.

Like I said in my video, I think the story will end in 2 more weeks because it will be near the end of September, the story is coming to a head, and it will be the 16th mission, and you know how HG feels about the number 16…


Week 45 is the last in the source code we have now. Which is next week. It’s another collection quest as we have had before. The story doesn’t wrap up…and I doubt it could without a much larger story quest mission then these weekend missions provide.

So either we will get an update that adds more weeks or we will have a small content break without missions, until more weeks are added, or we will get a new story questline


Crossing fingers for new quests. I am not entirely convinced of the guilt of the revealed culprit. A face that was not a face…? Perhaps we will get a bit of a mystery to unravel.


I’m not sure if you read next weeks story, but his guilt is clear… I’ll put this in spoiler tag

In the song I hear names, distant, faded… I hear the number at the end of all things.
I see its whisperer. I see a nameless form banish Ariadne…
And I see a duplicate arising from the crash, returning to claim its shape.
If this vision is to be believed, then Hesperus is right. Ariadne is an imposter.

So clearly he’s dead / replaced…so he’s guilty.


Things are already in place for this weekend.
Look who is back,

and who is gone

and who is just standing there like nothing has happened. (forgot my MT) (citizen’s arrest attempt thwarted by my own forgetfulness) :grin:
(query: has anyone ever heard a squeaking noise when using the need resources emote?)




Trip pics.




Easy gathering this weekend. There is one spot marked about half way between the portal and the disturbance and another at the disturbance.


Rather perfect timing, having an impostor among us when a certain other outer space themed game is very popular right now:


Funny, i’ve been playing that game recently and though how funny the theme was and its coincidental parallels to NMS’s weekend story.

What if we have to choose as a community who dies? Ariadne or hesperus? Who’s really the imposter? The one blaming the other has red eyes.


Yep lol my thoughts exactly


After this weekend’s event, we can declare those who voted Someone New deserve a prize. :cake: :beer: :medal_sports: :trophy: Take your pick. :smiley:

So is anyone having problems with the blur above? Or the linked poll?

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did anyone get to and do the buried derelict freighter mission .

I managed to land on one of the landing pads below ground.

Cool thing is none of the nests had alien bugs, and just gave living slime.

But…the planet weather storms had an effect