Weekend Missions

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Here is a nice summary of previous weekend missions courtesy of @cyberpunk2350 Weekend Missions - #3 by cyberpunk2350


Took ages & multiple attempts to trigger the Weekend Event to work (PS4).
After doing several regular QS missions it finally triggered. Problem was the QS missions kept glitching too so it took quite a while…
Got there in the end though…


One of my on going projects has been to at least document what the WMs have been, I’ve not done much with the documenting systems due to my limited available time, but if anyone is interested in the history, and more importantly the lore from S1 and S2 I have them all compiled here


I put a link to the wiki in the top post. Thanks for sharing @cyberpunk2350
This weekend’s mission went smoothly. At least the waypoint was not buried under a base… :open_mouth:




High on a mountain top:

time passes…

23 Oct 2021:
Effortless. Haven’t had a weekend mission go so well before. The needed part was at the crash site. Got it decrypted a short distance away. And that was it.

The quicksilver mission also went incredibly well. Needed to dig up twelve bones. First site:

Second site:

Now. If my closest fiber just wasn’t in my cereal box…


Not having much success with weekend mission.

Corrupted sentinels are always announced when part is found but they never show up.

Unknown/unmapped planets have already been discovered by someone else.

Found lots of parts (over twenty). Found them on different planets. Always corrupted. Never could descript them on any of the five planets or on:

Daily mission for Activated Cadmium was broken and still is.


That weekend mission has been like that for a while for me. Many times I just gave up and cancelled the mission.

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After the daily mission, I tried the weekend once again and had better luck. Instead of there being only one part at the crash site, there were several and the third one worked.

Though I was surprised that there were two pilots.


Took me 2 attempts to do this Weekend Mission.
The first time I dug up about 25 buried technology before I quit.
(Interestingly every single one warned me of corrupt sentinels yet none appeared).
The game then crashed as I was leaving.

Decided to have another go & this time I got the right one straight away (at the crash site).
At the terminal the corrupted sentinels just roamed around & let me kill them. Was kind of weird. Anyway, I completed the mission & got home safely.


Glitchy mission title this week:
Regardles of what it tells you the mission is, pack some activated indium if you have some spare & want to speed things up.