Waking Titan Atlas Level 4 Atlas Passes are worth HUNDREDS... Also thanks alot Hello Games for the awesome physical collectibles!


Hello CSD!!! SO REMEMBER THOSE ATLAS V4 PASES??? Well, some people have decided to part with their own through ebay (not I because I love my WT-01 & appreciate the GIFT that is the AV4 pass) and they have SOLD FOR LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Oh yeah sure, “they’re just cardboard” but they are 1 of 10,000 made of one of the most revolutionary games to have hit the market!!!
I’m grateful to have gotten two of the Atlas Passes through the Waking Titan ARG Campaign and I will be giving the second one away (PASS NUMBER 6,273).
I hope you all check out my video to check out the outstanding prices these cards have sold for. The No Man’s Sky hype is REAL and very awesome in my opinion. A lot of people love this game and will spend pretty piles of pennies in order to own some of these rare items.
Please continue to keep up the great work Hello Games and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COLLECTIBLE MATERIAL IN 2017 AND 2018 AS A GAMING COMPANY INDIE OR NOT. YALL ARE AMAZING!!! <3 <3
Check this video out if ya want :slight_smile:


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