Visions (new update)


This again? I still have 250 Big Balls crammed into a portable refiner in my first base. Hoping for some form of compensation when the man comes to take them away. I’d settle for an S class freighter, or maybe a few million nanite clusters. Something appropriate for being on the bleeding edge of Bill Ball research.


Ah… Big Ball back at it again…

At this point I’m starting to wonder exactly what Big Ball was meant to be used as, if it has any use. The name sounds like a filler for something else maybe.


It’s probably a default that kicks in case something returns NULL, to prevent the game from just crashing.


I once gave @Mad-Hatter the gift of big balls during an item transfer that went horribly wrong. Mad hatter was not a fan of my big balls to say the least, especially since it left him with two exosuit slots filled with immovable objects that could not be deleted. Thankfully they disappeared after a restart. Nobody wants to come down with a case of permanent big balls.


He didn’t even ask permision before thrusting his Big Balls at me! Next thing I know, I’m stuck holding his Big Balls. :rofl:

But yes… a restart removed them. I felt much better once I no longer had Big Balls clogging up my suit. :joy:


You left some big balls in my inventory either! (blue item right?) :joy:
I didn’t say anything, I just thought to myself “what?? big balls???” hahaha what an annoying item


Seems to happen when transferring archaelogocial dig items. My big balls are national treasures it would seem :flushed:



I remember when I was a schoolboy being shown pictures of tropical gentlemen who had to resort to carrying their appendages round in a wheelbarrow. Apparently infection by an oriental parasite can cause them to swell to the size of beach balls. The condition was called “orchitis”.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Britain still had dreams of Empire. It was necessary for the educational system to prepare us for the challenges we might face, serving our country.

It put me off foreign travel for a long time.


That’s interesting. From the continent it seemed like they’d finally given up on that madness after WWII.


Does anyone in power ever really give up on that? :roll_eyes:


Sadly, no. There is a huge amount of inertia in the political and educational system.

From the 1960s, thinking people were looking for world unity, and if we couldn’t achieve that, at least European unity. Unfortunately there were, and still are, huge numbers of revisionists who wanted to return to a mythical golden age. They are deluded. Mad. But there’s a frighteningly large number of them.

What do you think Brexit is about?

BUT a post like this will take all the humour out of the thread.

This is a link to a modern version of the picture I was shown in school. (WARNING - Not for the squeamish)


For those who are unaware…@Polyphemus has recently torn some ligaments and is on a heavy dose of pain meds so we will excuse his behavior just this once…as for the rest of you, there is NO EXCUSE! You will all receive a whooping via a snappie, clappie or puffie in the very near future. :grin: