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NEXT gameplay on Xbox

base construction
Under water

No man's sky NEXT 10 minutes gameplay

@kerdorin: I have edited your post to have the link available as a spoiler.


Yes no problem, even if NEXT gameplay explain a lot it is a spoiler ^^ I added 2 other links, there are 3 videos in all.


I’m so pumped right now. Why on a Tuesday?! I need it now!!


Tuesday is the traditional release day for anything scifi since Star Trek: Generations.

Orbiter add-ons and updates are traditionally released on tuesdays for ages now. So I found it really funny when I realised that the 24th was a tuesday. :smile:


Two streams being live, before NEXT will arrive!

The Party at the End of the Universe

NMS Convergence 2018


My last cinematic video in Atlas Rises. Here’s to NEXT! Hope you guys enjoy. It’s a special one for me for sure. :slight_smile:



Thought I’d share Episode 2 of the Dreamer series. It includes some story spoilers in case you haven’t finished the Artemis questline. :scream:


No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises - a different way to explore caves.

This happened when I loaded conflicting mods. I was able to fly in a cave system. I was tempted to keep the mods loaded just for the fun of flying underground.




NEXT v1.5 brings MASSIVE new beginnings!

This is the new “1.5 Screenshot” thread

This is the new “1.5 Video” thread

Now go fire up the new threads! :selfie:


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