Trade Terminal Financial News

Not sure if a new topic should be created for trade related items, this thread is the only one I know of with postings of trade pricing.

After synthesis update my home planet Trade Post had this huge increase in Demand aka buy price for Circuit Boards [previously had been around -8.0%]


If you would like a new title, let me know.
Carry on with all financial trading news. :money_mouth_face:


Yeah, they finally overhauled some of the “economics”. Basically, most products can now have high or low demand. Previously only the dedicated trade goods could have high demand, everything else just had low, or lower.
Might be interesting to look into whether demand can be linked to things like system economy, planet types etc. I don’t expect it, but you never know.


previously +27.7% and today buy price increases! this is my home system where I farm and make the circuit boards and sell to my local on planet trading station…thought the price would drop as I was providing an oversupply…