And here I thought my browser was just being weird, thanks for the heads up!

I just stared at it for like ten minutes I don’t think there is a pattern but I could be wrong

It blinks only for a second or so. Hasn’t it always been like that? I noticed this several days ago.

no didn’t start till the calibration was complete used to take you to a message about taking the picture

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Anyone noticing any patterns or anything weird? I got nothing.

Ah… they start blinking when you click. Didn’t get that, I thought you were referring to the short blinking when loading the page.

My #1 just disappeared…?

Still here for me.

tried refreshing but still gone.
just the 3 padlocks…

Holy shit. Hmmmm. Will let yall know if same happens to me. Still is the same. A one and three padlocks.



whats weird is some of the cities appear twice on that list of 105 cities.

Did anyone notice that the whole snap pictures of unique locations is a lot like scanning new lifeforms and taking picture in the NMS game? all we need now is Polo to ask us to share the data…

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My # 1 is back again.
It must have gotten bored from waiting and taken a break for a bit…:rofl:

also, what does this say? i don’t remember seeing it before, but i may not have looked.
wt map calibration

Nothing has changed on the CMD page though. Calibration still at 10%. Who list still at 41%.

with the glyphs - red meant complete, white meant in progress and grey was not active. My 1 is white and the other locks are grey - but the image button is gone for me. I had thought they were keeping the same color coding to be consistent (the maxed out cities are red and the active cities are white and in progress), but… not certain

And as to the blinking, a cruel puzzle would be something along the lines of the order they blink in take the first letter of each city and that leads to something, or such…