To me the superlumina "kids" are looking like the NMS races. What do you think?

To me the superlumina “kids” are looking like the NMS races.

Hanne is looking up and has headphones
Geks are small (so looking up) and have different stuff on the head, including headphones.

Esme has a very neutral expression and wears glasses that might represent her scientific nature so for me that fits a Korvax.

Austen is looking a little grumpy. With warriors like the Vy’keen you can’t expect a joking personality.

Original tweet by me

What do you think, maybe a little nod to the nms races, coincidence or do I have too much fantasy?


The Vy’keen is definitely my favorite. Good eye! (even if it’s just coincidence)

Now I know why I’ve always liked Korvax the best :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure Hanne would appreciate being compared to a Gek, but it’s an interesting theory! Do you have a theory for how these humans turned into other races? Maybe the races are echoes that were based on these people?

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Maybe it’s the other way around and those are the human avatars of those races?

how the fundamental laws of the universe can be strategically used and modified to humanity’s advantage

Is something that could be said by someone OUTSIDE of said humanity, too.


I assume she’s also a fashistoid genocidal maniac? :wink:


Now you are mentioning this I can sure interpret that into the way she is looking at me :wink:

Yes they do!! It’s like they are characatures, if someone was asked to draw characatures of these people but as aliens. :smiley:

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