Anomaly Mugshots


7/24/18: ❝Today I’ve come to understand what it means to be a proud Anomaly!❞

You know, I always wondered what our player character looked like.
I assumed an astronaut, :man_astronaut:t4: but v1.3 brought “Travellers” (a 4th race).
Aren’t we Travellers? - But why then do they look like aliens? :alien:

NEXT v1.5 answered those questions. Traveller? Yes! - Anomaly? Yes!
And so I sorta kinda guess we’re both, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Or was that Gek?

That’s when I customized my character. - Am I Vy’Keen? - Or Korvax?
And now perhaps I come to understand the true depth and meaning of…

❝Anomalous Interdimentional Multiversal Cohabitation❞

This thread is dedicated to all them “astronaut lookin’ Travellers” out there. :selfie:
Be it… Anomaly, Traveller, Vy’Keen, Gek, Korvax, etc… We are all together one.

Photo booth, pix with friends

We are explorers, interlopers, yes travellers… ❝A strange Anomaly in an even stranger land.❞

Upon first loading up No Man’s Sky NEXT, I decided to 1st sample it in Creative Mode.
First impressions were… “Clean, Crisp, Smooth… Overwhelmed, and even Emotional.”

:cry: With everything we’ve been through in our community, to see NMS leading Twitch…

I flew straight for a lush moon, but how does one describe, the clouds, the levels of atmosphere.
The emotes… Third Person :sob: … And through the clouds, gave way to an actual ringed planet.

I know that this is just a game, and I swear I would have played for years to come regardless,
But, I can certainly say, that I know for fact that you guys worked so very hard, so very hard.



Screenshots v1.5-1.77

Nightfall gave way to daylight, daylight gave way to mystery, gave way to bewilderment, to excitement

The realization that I am now free to explore in a way I never really grasped what such could mean


An Ode to Snappies

Look @Mad-Hatter, look what I found!

It’s a B. Snapnesae, from Sean to you.

Screenshots v1.5-1.77
An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


TIE fighter man.
It took me five whole minutes to realize what the helmet looked like.



Soooo the eyes do give off light…



I tried to go for Destiny’s Fallen look when I redid my character


Here’s actually a way better shot


Ever since I saw this Anomaly helmet in the ARG I’ve wanted it, reminded me of the Mothman episode of X files which I only saw once over twenty years ago and have an image of terrifying eyes forever etched into my brain. I don’t even know if I’m remembering a scene from the show or just my own mental terror from what the episode described or implied. Long story short I’m wearing it to stalk and creep out @Mad-Hatter when I find him.

Here I be, snapped just now while Chillin from a storm in a cave and browsing forum to pass time.



2319! We have a 2319!





Come on (come on)


Let your mind splode to the music


Very sad to say that upon reading the first line and before getting to the second, the first thing that popped into my mind was;
Do the locomotion with me