Anomaly Mugshots


Redid the looks of my character. Kept the exact same suit, but switched over to Gek. I actually like it way better, because I feel like it fits me more. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I caught a fish and it was this big!


Cannibal!!! :scream:


Bought some tech for 400 Nanites, check inventory… nothing.



Okay, this guy is hiding in the dark somewhere in the Quicksilver merchants room, be warned.

But seriously, nice shot.


If I ever become a dictator, please use this photo.


Its hard to tell, but he is actually sleeping in the one above as well as this one.

Now, we just need a genuflecting gesture, so we can properly pay our respect. Remember me, when you have your throne or don’t it all depends. :upside_down_face:

updated: Better word?


I’m 100% certain Id gone out to walk the dog during that period. I still am in the habit of thinking farm growth time only happens while the game is running so I still leave it on when I pop out. Must stop doing that :joy: however I will not deny I sleep with my eyes open. One must be ever vigilant in the dictator game.



Ennio Morricone western score begins to play



Little butterfly was having a lovely day, fluttering along happily in the sunshine, when he looked down & saw this… …then it all went black.



When the Todds away…


I should probably get back to work on the Edison School of Word Books and Reading before you start a mutiny :slight_smile:


Go ahead… Gek my day…


Golf clap? Golf clap



Mad-Hatter, Highwayman! :smile: