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I might need some tips when I get there… >.>


I submitted a bug report on the deuterium quest.
Mine will not complete.
Have the deuterium on my character in my ship.
The game does not finish.
so be weary!


The Terrain Manipulator still allows 3 different sizes for deletion of terrain. However, the keys/buttons required do not show. On PC with keyboard, you press R/T for those wondering, they are listed.

Happy to see the remapping available and fixed.


Just to add to Devlins info, to adjust Terrain Manipulator deltion size, on ps4 it is L1/R1 and this is also posisble in PSVR.

However, the method or button to change size does not yet exist with MOVE controllers in PSVR.

You have to use the Dualshock as a lot of features aren’t properly mapped to MOVE controls just yet (even in cases where there are free buttons to use, e.g boosting in exocraft).


When building, make sure you are using the correct base (middle mouse button on PC). I have noticed that ‘power’ parts, may have issues when connecting to parts belonging to another base. For example trying to snap cuboids or corridors, which will leave a wall where a door is expected, if not from the same base. Too bad there is no easy way to see what base a part belongs to. I will have to experiment some more, but this goes for a lot of ‘power’ parts.


Say, is there any way to industrialise di-hydrogen and tritium production? My fleet is still small, but is already starting to consume large enough amounts of it that I’m spending a lot of time shooting up asteroids, and while drive-by mining while exploring planets covered my H2 demands so far, in the near future I might have to start dedicate time to mining it explicitly, which I’d rather avoid…


That’s still my method for H2. Just a continual chore while exploring.
My frigate fleets are small (5-10 ships) so my demands are modest and it does keep grinding down.

As for Tritium, I generally purchase it in bulk and leave it stored in my freighter and make frigate fuel as I accumulate enough H2.

I use uranium and pyrite for starship fuel, also purchased in bulk, when opportunities arise in wealthy systems…seems more efficient than the alternatives.


I use the methods yourself and @Mad-Hatter have mentioned but I also buy any dihydrogen jelly I see in shops so I can refine it, every little helps :slight_smile:


I have yet to do any refining, or try the new machines, so not sure if anything has changed.

For Tritium I just mined it in space, as this could not be obtained through refining. I could mine this pretty fast, as I have a macro on my mouse button to shoot really fast without overheating. Of course buying is a good alternative.

As for Di-hydrogen, there is a simple refining cycle with Di-hydrogen Jelly. Which basically turns into more than you start with.
1 Di-hydrogen Jelly turns into 50 Di-hydrogen
30 Di-hydrogen turns into 1 Di-hydrogen Jelly
So I always kept multiple Jelly, to always be able to make more through a few cycles in a refiner.


I’d always used carbon planters to get carbon, I was amazed to just find out you can refine oxygen for carbon on a 1:1 ratio. Handy for base parts.

Anyone know if this was the case before beyond? Just so I can gauge my own ignorance…:smiley:


For Tritium, I always purchase thousands while in good economy systems.

For Dihydrogen, I do run-by shootings of every collection of blue crystals I see. Without ever stopping, I get plenty for building and freighter fuel. Of course, I do at least a 2 minute jaunt on every planet I land on for exploration purposes.


Yes, you could refine oxygen into carbon before, just not a great ratio.
Consider 2 Carbon refines into 1 Condensed Carbon, then add some oxygen to really make it worth your while.
1 Condensed Carbon + 2 Oxygen = 6 Condensed Carbon, which refines back to 12 Carbon.

There are some nice cheap cycles if you take some time to get familiar with them.


Very important when fighting sentinels is
is to shoot the canisters that drop after each fight,
they put your shielding to maximum.


I didn’t know pirates could attack you on a planet! Has this been there before Beyond? I was just flying around and then I had to fend off 5 or 6 ships. Quite a bit different when you have to avoid the terrain! As I was fighting, I also saw a crashed freighter below.


The only time this ever happened to me was when they warped in while I was in space, and then followed me into the atmosphere. Never had any pirates starting an attack planet side, neither in beyond nor ever. Might have been a glitch.

And to stay on topic, here’s a tip: An S-class frigate turns out to be a unit-dumping donkey. Can do a two-star mission in its field on its own with one hand behind its back and brings home goods to the tune of 2 million…


Thus my small fleets. Easier to get them up to 'S’specs and once there, it’s a good return on your efforts making frigate fuel as you send them out individually or in pairs.
It’s a bit like the intensive farming that started in Atlas Rises… Yes, you can go hard and earn a fortune but really a gradual build up of income increases the game time and lessens grinding.

On a side note since theres no dedicated thread;
Does anyone know how the a b c or s rating on your banner (in the appearance modifier interface) is calculated? I’m guessing it’s the ship you fly but I’m unsure…


Banner - Yes, from the Space Ship.


If you are being chased by a pirate in space they will sometimes follow you down to the planet and continue to engage unless you get out of your ship. To me, dog fighting is much more fun in the clouds than in space.