Thoughts on "Associated Organizations" on Echo-64 and Multiverse-75 sites


I’ve been trying to determine if there is any significance to the names of the organizations cited on both the Echo-64 site the the Multiverse-75 site. So far most have proven to be actual companies or include the names of actual people, places or things though some appear to unrelated to each other or Waking Titan/NMS. I’ll list what I’ve found below in case anyone has any ideas on how they connect.

The Secure Key: SecureKey is a cloud-based online identification and authentication company. Probably provided Echo with the technology to store its “echos” in a cloud server.

Atlas Network: Either an internal network or one created by a fictional provider. No relevant real-world results found from research

Rekall: A company studying the emerging field of “memory forensics.” Likely used to extract more realistic personality traits from limited voice data and to make the echos more like what the loved ones remember that person to have been like.

Bonanno Institute: No such institute exists. The only significant “Bonanno” I can find is a crime family in New York City which has existed for many decades. Not sure how this could be related to Echo or Waking Titan at this time.

Louis Creed Foundation: There is no such Foundation but Louis Creed is the main character in the Stephen King book “Pet Sematary.” This doesn’t seem particularly relevant but it could indicate that book could be a key to some code or cipher either now or later in the ARG.

Alan Steinhardt, Steinhardt Industries: The Steinhardt School is a part of the New York University devoted to the study of culture and human development (likely not relevant). Allan Steinhardt (2 Ls in first name, not 1) is a scientist involved in defense research. Some of his areas include electrical engineering, applied mathematics, signal processing, and space time adaptive processing (Could be important though I don’t know how yet).

Vasili Palov, FTL Industries: I can find no reference to anyone named Vasili Palov in my research. FTL Industries is an Indian company that manufactures thing such as solar water heaters and street lights (likely not the FTL Industries referenced). FTL is also an abbreviation for Faster than Light which is also an Indie game involving space travel.


I don’t know about the companies on the newest site but all the ones on echo-64 reference movies. Specifically characters or elements in movies…

The Secure Key: The Key (1983)
Atlas Network: Atlas (1961)
Rekall: Total Recall (1990)
Bonanno Institute: Bonanno: A Godfather’s Story
Louis Creed Foundation: Pet Sematary (1989)


To add to the FTL Industries, I would like to point out that FTL (Faster Than Light) is the more common term for Superluminal. I believe this is the reason for this name.


Good point. I hadn’t thought about that but it makes sense. It would seem to be a foreshadowing of the Superlumina site that will eventually go live.


That has been solved ages ago, it was a tip to click on the icons in the order of their sides, so first circle then triangle then square etc.


Have a look at Paul Steinhardt instead:

He argued that because inflation produces a multiverse, where anything and everything is possible any number of times, the theory itself is so flexible that no observation or combination of observations can ever disprove it.