Things that make you go "hmmm"


I know I said I would make this thread in my last vlog, sorry it took so long!

This thread is for discussing and sharing weird stuff you’ve come across in the course of Waking Titan. Things that make you go :thinking:

For me, one of the things I found weirdest was the ‘Echo’ of someone’s grandmother in the echo-64 radio ad. She just sounded so weird and a little creepy but also funny!


The lady in the Myriad ad seemed to have some weird voice stuff going on. Near the end, it sounded like she got really high-pitched or sort of cut out a little, which makes me think she might have been an Echo herself!


I’m gonna go with this lovely shade of superlumina.


Lovely shade of superlumina xDD That’s great :joy:


The hidden message on Superlumina that translates to:
“Controlling Information
Since beyond time we have consumed inmense ammounts of knowledge and obtained untold power, we will come for your world as we have many others.

That definitely made me go “Hmmm, I think we may be in over our heads.”


Is there a word for a counter crusade? We should do whatever that’s called :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like Borg, haha


Definitely the Echo ad! The way the woman laughs at the end creeps me out.


What if we’re waking up something… that shouldn’t be woke…


It is called “Resolve to Resist” =-)



I actually laughed out loud when the grandma said “I’m leaving you all my jewelry!” Seems like someone in this project has been taking a little inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto fake radio commercials, which is awesome. A little humor interspersed into the mystery is welcome. :rofl: