The Ripe & Rue inn (PS4 Survival Base) -Euclid-

My new survival mode base is just 1000 ly away from the ETARC hub. All are welcome to visit, I have yet to finish the farm so that’s still a work in progress, but I left a little sorta chill out area for guests.

An inn for one traveller & his party.

-Ambient rooms with a view out from every angle

-Open air balcony’s play host to a year round display of a neighbouring planet

“Get plenty of rest!” with the assurance of an AI assisted operating system that will keep temperatures moderated so you get the perfect sleep and our security doors are 100% sentinel proof (not guaranteed, subject to warranty)

-You’re sure to find a room to suit your mood and requirements

While the Ripe & Rue inn can only provide one master security bedroom to the rental parties host, your guests are welcome to spend the night resting in one of our mini-dyson-sphere units, essentially giving them a small planetoid to explore or rejuvenate within.

(note: A temporal time delay exists within the spheres, enabling you to rest a full 8 hours within one hour of real time. It is highly advised guests do not adjust these settings as it may cause them to live out the rest of their lives in a matter of seconds.)

-Guests are also welcome to tour the on-site farm and even harvest anything ripe that isn’t bolted down

  • Unfortunately the farm has yet to be completed (ETA sometime this week)

-Placed at a high enough altitude, it’s easy to get the lay of the land and choose a direction to go off exploring in. What lies beyond that vista? That’s for you to discover.

"And you may ask yourself, How did I get here?"

The top shows the path to the system from the star chain and below that is a close up of the system, the regions name and surrounding stars

I decided to refrain from showing the planets plantlife in the photos, there is no animal life so to compensate, I’ve left all the plants undiscovered and open to exploration for the community.

Please don’t be too greedy though, limit naming plants to two, one if you can help it :slight_smile:

The inn is about 10 minutes walking distance from the portal, I just realised I forgot to put a communication station at the base, so if you don’t see one just bare with me


Top notch base sir! Very well crafted.

(bonus points for the Talking Heads reference!)


And here I am, still mashing hallways and circular rooms together…

Looks really nice Mr Todd. I can’t see it in person of course due to being in NORMAL mode.
Thats ok.
You wouldn’t be able to see my base either because my new base has the can’t-see-me-bug meaning complete demolishment and backtracking to my old base. Aaaarrrrgggghh!!! :rage:
This is what it looked like.20180122_211924_001


This just gave me major micronauts flashbacks

Sorry to hear about your base woes.


Tried to visit you but there was no comm to guide me. :confused:
Actually it was worse than that.
@toddumptious, I warped there with the intention of discovering a tree or something before setting off on another adventure.
When I arrived, the HOUSE OF TODD name and the other name suddenly dissapeared and I became the discoverer??? I reloaded back to my save an hour or so previous to avoid breaking anyone’s game or dissappearing into a ÷by0.
I’ll try again next session…

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Spooky… I will report on my findings once I fire up the sim. Sorry for lack of comm station, turns out I have pneumonia so I was out for the count, slept all day, wide awake now :3

Ow, pneumonia. Never nice.
Take care of yourself.
I’ll retry at some point in the next few hours.
I’m thinking my internet is part of the reason for my server sync issues. Hard to say…
Hopefully it isnt Emily with a basket full of glitches following me across the galaxy hoping to sling me onto a singularity :scream:

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Okay I’ve placed a comm at the base now. The names still look okay for me. I’ll be away from home temporarily, visiting Katoka :smiley:

What a lovely planet. Enjoyed the visit, named a flower & left a comm.


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I just noticed :slight_smile: guess I better leave the old girl standing now that it’s been immortalised on the Galactic map… Eeeeek!

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