Okay so I’ll just leave it here, instead of scattered across twenty different Discord messages.

First lets get the obvious logical stuff out of the way.

Their address is also the return address as they wanted to make sure none of it got sent back for silly reasons and it definitely made it to its intended destination on time.

Okay now for the illogical theory based immersion stuff.

The reason their address is also the return address is, they sent it to themselves. From the future.

Why can’t they open/eat the food? Because when this is all over, when Waking Titan concludes, to keep space time from tearing itself open, they will HAVE to send that very same packet of food to themselvesm back through time. It has to remain exactly as it was before it was sent back, I’m sure superficial damage to the packaging wont effect much but the contents must remain within.

So yeah, thought I’d take one little thing and just run my imagination with it.

I just think this would have been a cool thing for them to do, to get us really immersed, make it seem like some of us will be actively using time travel in the future to help ourselves in the past, and fits with what we’ve been experiencing and the theories around time travel and alternate universes


But… How will the postal service deliver a physical package… Had to be an online shopping in the future “superluminated” to our present… But… Why?

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Em, because… SCIENCE?!

Don’t read too much into it, just me having some fun with the return addresses, holes in theory be damned… HOLES?! RABBIT HOLES?! OMG IM SO RIGHT, the theory is supposed to have holes in it, so the rabbits can access the… time crystals?!


I think the Hare Club for men is involved. Need a European to quickly check under the Pope’s hat for the next command line!


As far as we know, superlumina only has the capability to send information through time, not matter.

So it would appear more likely that the people sent the packages to themselves by placing an order in the past. But in any case, there’s the question why. If they wanted to tell themselves something, they could just have told themselves.


They just convinced a group of people to meet at a statue in New York using a glitchy image. It seems reasonable to believe that Atlas could easily convince these people to place the pet food order to send to their past selves simply because they were told to…or possibly offered them something in return (level 4 pass, perhaps?).


Alternatively, sending mail to yourself is a kind of loop. :grinning::upside_down_face:

sorry i linked the wrong article, its updated

True knowledge of future events could alter them, but in all timelines they received rabbit food, even if for no reason or purpose, they have to keep doing it, the paradox must persist XD

I need to stop beating this theory and its holes over the head, it was fun while it lasted XD

Thats exactly what thoughts went running through my mind when they said the packages had been sent from their own address…that they sent it to themselves from another time. Glad I wasn’t the only one on this train of thought.


Here is how a shipment from the future might work:

(1) CobraTV, for some reason in the future, realizes that yo me needs to send da rabbit munchies back in time yo (ghetto effect for comedic relief, I apologise)
(2) he cannot just send the package to his own 3D printer back in time (the printer he knew he had back in August 2017), because it was sent with FedEx, so instead: CobraTV sends a message from the future, back into our timeline, to an agent.
(3) an agent in our timeline receives a text or audio message from the future
(4) agent freaks TF out. But hey Superlumina
(5) a 3D printer in the agent’s office is hacked and spontaneously blurps out the package (rabbit food) - OR - the agent follows the instructions in (3): goes and buys rabbit food
(6) the agent posts the package with FedEx
(7) @CobraTV receives it in his mail
(8) He goes on to make a youtube video about it.

Main point: There is no way in which CobraTV could have done this without the help of a Waking Titan agent, since the package was sent with FedEx in our timeline.


i agree :slight_smile:

I would say it would be a case of, the ARG ends, an atlas representitive (or maybe em or el themselves personally) will instruct the community legends to send it back.

I know someone said they currently only know how to send small bits of information back… But who’s to say when titan finally awakes that they can’t also send physical goods back now too? If it’s a singularity, it could figure out how to do that over time, and if it can send information back from the get go, it could learn to send physical stuff back INSTANTLY because it would have receieved the information from its future self on how to do that.

@toddumptious But FedEx is FedEx. The package didn’t just arrive at his doorstep, rather it must have arrived somewhere to someone, who proceeded to send it via FedEx. It wouldn’t make sense that CobraTV sends it back to himself, then proceeds to a FedEx office to send it to himself.

Edit: or do you mean that this level of scrutiny is not intended within the game?

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Sorry I meant to say “will instruct the community to send it back to an agent” or even to elizabeth herself who would then pass the job down to a lackey who works on a “need to know” basis and might not be aware they’re mailing a time paradox XD

Also I take my own theory with a grain of salt, just having a bit of fun with th return address, I don’t think it’s meant to be picked up or torn apart as much as we’re doing, but hey its fun!

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Oooh another artemis/rabbit connection in the wild.

Here’s my contribution to the search for coincidence and connection

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