The Newcomb Paradox was to test us


My theory about the Newcomb paradox test we had was not to test Emily’s predictive power (she already knew it was 100% accurate already) or to test if we lived in a simulation, but rather to test us and how much we trusted her in a public way. If we had voted to take both boxes, it would have shown that we didn’t trust her ability, and thus how she interacted with us would have changed.



Another point to make here.

The 1,000,000 dollar check was made out to cash. Did you notice how quickly Bob disappeared after he showed the check? We did Bob a huge favor.


I feel gypped now


Well I hope he’ll use some of that money to upgrade Mr. Noodles cage. Let’s be honest, he might be a small creature, but he still looked pretty cramped in there. Also all this blue light from computer screens must’ve messed with his sleep cycle :joy:


Big luxurious cage for Mr N. And maybe some therapy after all the alone with giant screens time.
Bit of time off for Bob…he works hard :smile: