The mysterious spaceship


I found a similar design to the spaceship which belongs to the Incas:


Aren’t those ancient airplane figures from Sumer? Created by the Sumerians. Until recently they were the oldest known civilisation, considered the birthplace of it. Of course that all changed with the discovery of Göbekli Tepe which predates Sumer by quite a bit.

In fact its existence, recent scientific evidence of a very recent mass extinction impact event and the timeframe given by Plato from when Atlantis fell, all line up eerily close. Some of the most interesting discoveries we’ve ever had with regards to our past. It’s fringe archeology but damn is it interesting!

Check out this incredible ted talk about the whole thing and how it’s causing a stir in the scientific community as it means rewriting everything we know about our history as a civilised species. I don’t know how legitimate the guys claims are, but it’s a the basis for a great sci fi story origin :slight_smile:

I actually thought the design of this new ship was very much in line with how those sumerian figures/idols looked, nice spot. Please correct me if I am mistaken and the incans also made little airplane-esque figurines.


I based my theorie just on the similarity of the design. I didn’t go deep in research after finding
What I wanted.thanks for the reply and I will search more about this topic. Its nice to have an Open minded community.