Waking titan / echo-64 / no mans sky

Hi, I`m sure someone may have noticed this but the main image at the top of the Echo-64 site has some sky scrapers. During all the PR by Sean Murray, he mentioned that he wanted to keep the NMS project secret and so referred to it as Project Sky scraper. This being said if you look closer at the image there are small raised bits on the building could possibly be open windows but they almost look like they have been
edited in, Could be nothing but worth a look.

Well, it is a stock photo after all :o

Sorry what do you mean stock photo? lol

Go look it up xD They’re basically free photos you can use for whatever purpose ^^

Oh ok lol so you think the windows on them might mean anything?

I think that might be looking too deep into things :wink:

Ok lol, other than the radio broadcast on Saturday where do you think we should be looking?

I’m not too sure myself really, but Hamlet and other literary works seem like a possible lead! Haven’t had much luck with that though :sweat:

Same, been looking into the Old gods but only seem to get Lore on World Of Warcraft??

Old Gods isn’t really on the scope of this! He’s the admin here ^^
There are some threads which discuss about certain texts that may tie into WT. Maybe you could look into the texts mentioned :smiley:

Ok cool, let me know if you discover anything or other possible leads :wink:

Hi everyone!
I was looking into these pictures

And found this regarding the arecibo message

Look at the picture at the top!

I can kind of see similarities and I do think we should look into this. Especially the arecibo message being transmitted 1974 from Puerto Rico on November the 16th. Any thoughts? Please tell me I’m not just rambling on!

Edit: the last link here might not be so important. ! Thought It would lead to the picture of the arecibo message

Well, the image of the ingame scroll you linked has not in any way been related to this ARG yet, so I wouldn’t look into anything like that until you can somehow connect it to the rest.

As for atlas-65 picture (also found on various other sites), it has been proven to be a standard stock image (as explained on the site you linked), so likely contains nothing of any significance, and doesn’t look any more like the Arecibo message than a Persian carpet would.

Now the Arecibo message has been linked to before in the numbers investigation due to its date, but ultimately, other than the year being the same number as a number found on the site, there is nothing connecting the two. This is however a possible candidate for further theories, but it would depend on you (or anyone else) being able to make a plausible connection between the two.
So I’d definitely say keep searching. :slight_smile:

ETARC is CRATE spelled backwards. I’m not sure if this had been brought up before but part of Emily’s statement said clues might be hiding in plain sight. I have seen strewn about in your freighter and other places (observatories, etc) crates with barcodes on them. Has anyone looked into this?

Yeah crate has been noticed, not sure about the barcode thing, most people seem to think there is something with the hamlet quotes, not sure what tho

It’s also an anagram of Trace and React. Although I doubt that’s helpful.

It may be something: I looked for the source of the ETARC-Emblem and its source is: https://cdn-origin-business2.discourse.org/login
Didn’t logged in yet- didn’t want to create a second E-Mail adress for that.
There’s no info at all, just a log-in screen.

See here and it will explain:

The image is for that reason hosted on their CDN.

There is a symbol that is everywhere in the game that I noticed soon after release. The hiding in plain sight comment did make me think of those symbols again but I’m waiting for them to become relevant to the investigation.

What symbols were you referring to? Has anyone figured out anything to do with the numbers on the multiverse site that sometimes Change the number on the left is 100 and seems to say as that but the number/s on the right seem to increase periodically