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Just thought I’d keep this separate from the current workload. I decided to sift through info on wikis to try get a handle on the mythology they are drawing from. I cam across some rather enlightening info on Atlas. Specifically ATLANTIS. Which is actually translated as the Island of Atlas. Considering that we have had islands on the map, Planets in game can be considered Islands in a sea of Space. Do you think Atlantis might start to make an appearance in the ARG?


It’s rumored Atlantis was off the coast of Ireland.

Sean Murrays secretly an atlantian: Confirmed!

Sorry I’ve nothing constructive to add to your theory but I like the idea


Diluvian/Atlantean post-cataclism myth has survived all around the world… Spain was founded by Tobal/Túbal/Jubal who depending where you read was either a grand-son of Noah, or the king of an Atlantean city according to Plato…


I also find this quite interesting, though he’s somewhat an outcast in his field and rarely considered by his peers as legitimate, i still really like all the dots connected and I could see how this might actually be true :slight_smile:

Basic premise is, gobekli tepe, and new evidence of a catclysm not too long ago in our own history, line up perfectly with the timeframe atlantis etc were supposed to be around.


Considering the precession of the equinoxes being “encoded” un our “monolyths” points at a loop of 12 that needs 24.000 years to verify as such, I consider fair to asume a lot of past history was forgotten or erased.
Tuatha de’Danaan… ?


Forgotten past is more viable.

Look at the many civilizations which have disappeared for unknown reasons. The ones that had written history just forgot how to record their history and are now less knowledgeable. Often during the ages, what isn’t important is forgotten.

Conquering nations will erase the history of the conquered…and the conquered won’t re-record that history. “History is written by the victors.” isn’t just a chance saying. It also means, History is erased by the victors.

In Japan, there are ancient markers on the hillsides that say “Tsunami - Do Not Build Below Here”. Over the 100’s of years, no large tsunamis have hit Japan. Those markers are taken as nonsense…just ancient markers. Even in modern Japan, citizens ignored tsunami warnings because the previous tsunamis ones were a foot or so high. Until the recent big one hits, now all tsunami warnings are heeded. Give another 10 years and the tsunami warnings will be ignored again…because nothing “recent” has happened.

What isn’t important is lost to history.



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During the last ice-age, much of northern Europe was covered in ice - in some cases up to a mile deep. That’s a lot of water stuck on the land, therefore less to go in the oceans. Consequently, sea levels were lower.

The retreat of the ice started around 12,000 years ago, but it was a long, slow process. Not only did sea levels gradually rise, but as the weight of ice was removed from the land, some areas of land rose, too (it’s called isostatic uplift).

Up to around 7,000 years ago, the British Isles, including Ireland, were a single land mass, joined to continental Europe. If you had the energy, you could have walked from Limerick to Denmark.

So all these legend of sunken kingdoms and lands beneath the sea probably contain a grain of truth.


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