-KKTTZZRTT- tin foil hat -ZZTTKKRT-

What if Artemis is one of the Aerons, the fourth race?
What if Aerons have been related somewhere to Sentinels?
What if Sentinels enslaved their civilization, creating a simulation where Aerons and their History simply disappeared?
What if portals break the simulation locally?
What if interlopers could help free Aerons from Sentinels solar system by solar system, task more and more difficult as interlopers come close the center?
What if Atlas is -KKTTRZK-

  • End of transmission -

“What if interlopers could help free Aerons from Sentinels solar system by solar system, task more and more difficult as interlopers come close the center?”

Ubisofts “No Mans Sky”,

coming this fall and then again EVERY YEAR AFTER THAT!

Haha sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I like this theory :slight_smile: Especially with how you presented it :slight_smile:


Though I’m a firm believer that Aeron is just another name for the sentinels, and that this fourth race will be something new (as in, not one of the races mentioned to have been driven to extinction as a last resort/message to other races by the sentinels, but may be the precurser race) but I’m just playing it safe with my guesses.

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I remember reading on one of the abandoned buildings lore and one of them told a story about the sentinels completely erasing a civilization that came along long before de Vy’keen, could it be related?


Yeah as its the only other race directly referenced, people are quick to assume the new race is that race, but I honestly don’t think it will be. Plenty of room for plenty more races.

Though they could retcon the story, say that the sentinels didn’t really destroy them, it just appeared that way to the other races. Sentinels seem to seek to preserve the galaxy and protect every resource and species, so eradicating as a last resort still seems, out of character for them. So my theory would be, if they didn’t destroy them and the fourth race is an old one making a return, then its possible they were imprisoned within the portals and we’re about to set em free.

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That immediately draws my mind to the vault in the first Borderlands game. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this isn’t what will come out of the portals…


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Just had a wild thought. What if all portals took players to a single planet that is otherwise inaccessible, which essentially acts as a shared player housing world. It would be fully multiplayer, so all players could actually see each other running around (Ooo…maybe WE are the fourth race, if we could finally see what we look like!!). You can bring in whatever you can carry on your person, and there are hundreds of thousands of possible base locations. Maybe they could even set it up so that station teleporters could take you to either your normal home base or your multiplayer base.

Man…my mind is in shreds now…


Artemis was the Greek Godess of hunt and wiild animals, so maybe deeper interaction with animals instead of kill or feed. She also killed Orion, wich was also the answer to the first glyph.

Aeron is the god of battle, but that’s Celtic, so that’s a bit odd considering all of the gods used so far are Greek/Roman.

Aeron is also one of the best selling office chairs, so maybe they become sentient? :laughing:


Those are the chairs the new race will sit in.

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That’s what I thought maybe we will be able to tame or ride some of them that would be cool or even bread some for even crayzier breeds

Where does that name come from in any case? I’ve heard it thrown around a lot, but I can’t remember seeing it in the game lore.

Sigh Look, I’m fairly confident that the kind of multiplayer they talked about pre-release (ability to see and have limited interactions with other players in a small local lobby) is in the works. Maybe this update, maybe not, I have no information to make a guess on.
But NMS will simply never become an MMO. MMO architecture is fundamentally different from any other kind of game. They’d essentially have to rewrite the entire core of the game.

Plus, server/sync would be harder/expensive and on a single location lobby/location than the usual “odd encounter”.




Travellers aren’t a race of the simulation though. We are entities that exist outside of the simulation. Unless they retcon nada and polos in-game dialogue and lore. Or if maybe, going through the portals is going outside of the simulation

I’ve a few running theories, but I don’t like to discuss them because I honestly don’t think we’re getting avatars or multiplayer yet, and I don’t want to play part in building someones hopes or hype up…

But if we did… Heres what I’m thinking.

The weird atlas/bulb/johnny5 head picture of the new race we got… Isn’t a picture of the fourth race. It’s a picture of a travellers Avatar. And we’ll all have proc gen heads, and wont know what our heads like til we meet somone else and they tell us or take a pic. We have not seen what the fourth race look like.

My theory is, HG were very clever, they dropped loads of fourth race hints in the lead up to revealing a picture of our avatars, knowing we’d just assume it was an image of the fourth race. That way, even though theyve revealed two big things coming in the update, when it drops, we’l lstill be surprised because we’ll get to see what the fourth race trly looks like and we’ll be all “what?! thats us!? MULTIPLAYER!? WHAT?!”

But like I said, I don’t like to entertain these theories, or discuss them. They’re just my minds meandering what if thoughts and flights of fancy.

What I’m almost certain on though is, we are not the fourth race. It would be a wasted opportunity to just make two things (in game avatars/ a new race) into one thing (our avatars are the fourth race). I still don’t think we’re getting multiplayer/avatars this update and I’ll remain in that stance until hello games show us functioning multiplayer. I’ve remained steadfast on that in the years before launch and it saved me a lot of disappointment on launch day :slight_smile:

Sorry if thats incomprehensible or I repeat the same thing several times… I am a tired boy after a work.

@LTVDK (oh and also @Dragoon4205 since you mentioned tame and ride below)

Do you remember, last june/july 65DAYS played at a NMS event in Barcelona. At the after party someone was interviewing two band members who seemed very drunk or high. And one of them made a very bad comparison to spore and mentioned the difference between spore and NMS is “you can ride the animals”.

Now he was drunk, but I don’t think he was making it up. I always assumed he saw some early prototype of the game where riding animals was a thing but obviously they went back to the drawing board with it. So, we may still get our mountable animals (though if you’re quick footed enoug hand good with a jetpack, you can chill on a larger animals back for quite a while!)

Sean Murrays irish though, he had to slip in some sort of celtic reference maybe? Greek god be damned! Aw man, here’s hoping for some Cu Chulainn type references in NMS some day XD Actually the Vy’Keen lore has hints of irish myths and legends to it which is kinda cool.


I might be wrong but, I think they are only referred to as Aerons in monoliths and plaques, so its a very old name for them. I don’t think the name shows up on any of the lore outside of the monoliths.

Also ditto on the mmo. NMS will never be an mmo, MMOs have the player count they do because they take huge sacrifices in every other department and invest in huge massive server farms.

The way sean was discussing how MP would work in the game (and honestly, if you see any video where he discusses the method, its very obvious he was trying to still work it out in his head at the time and they hadnt figured out how to pull it off jsut yet, he was just spit balling because the guy wasn’t trained in PR or interviews and thats just how he converses himself, woooah there parenthesis…) is you would have a floating lobby bubble around your player, anyone in proximity would appear, up to a certain player limit, or that it might work like fable 2 or test drive unlimited, in that you see a name or an orb float around and you can choose whether they materialise in your world or not.

I still think thats how it will work, but I don’t see it happening this update. Only because I’m saving myself from ANY outlandish hopes and disappointments.


my tinfoil hat is definitely on today. I’m seeing 16’s everywhere

I like the concept, I would like to free the fourth race from captivity.


I know I have seen 16 in to many places today my total at the store was 16.16 lol almost bought something else


This is what I noticed on the first house on the main road outside my estate, the day I went to take photos of public acoustic things.

Can’t escape it now.


Meeytings others in game would be cool but I don’t see it happening not yet at least…

so my resident crazy lady came to my job last night and was whispering something about 16 but I don’t really pay attention to her because she had a 16 oz drink but when she went to pay I told her to have a nice night and she said something along the lines of if 16 doesn’t kill me first then shje turned and just left I was just sitting there about to grab my tin foil hat lol