And now Athena?

I really don’t know if there’s a link but in the doubt…

I was looking for a DB about discoveries in the game (planet/animals names given by players) and i found a link to Athenadb space

I was a bit surprised to see… Emily ???

So i don’t know if it’s a simple maintenance of this site or if something else.

I made research here, on reddit about this strange mainpage, but found nothing about it .


oh wow…i hadnt seen this before.
100% looks like something we have seen before wrt Emily…

Is this a new discovery? Seems very interesting!

Yes very. Nice find. With all this rabbit talk, maybe lepus might make an appearance

It has the same template style as all the other sites. I’ll check the whois info

if you look into the page source it shows the following


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Emily or Elizabeth?

Interesting! Maybe we will soon have a database available online with the travellers’ discoveries.


Discord is writing this off as the work of a troll, but I lack the tech-know how to understand their arguments, going to post screenshots

This DB exists for at least a year and was used by many players (if i understand well what i found about) so i don’t think it’s a troll.
Maybe a legit player who is now involved in the ARG (maybe because of the name Athena ?)

It’s not registered at amazon, as all the other sites. At least with the online whois available. That’s why I would think not related.

EDIT: changed the word hoax by not related :wink:

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Athena is the name of the MIT intranet, for intra-campus online messaging and file-sharing and stuff… it’s been operational since the early 90’s me thinks… the source-code of the page has “MIT-license” all over it and there are several fundamental differences between this site and other WT sites.

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Just checking in to say this is nothing to do with the ARG… it’s my site and has been around for a while (a NMS discoveries database) which I’m prepping for the 1.3 update


Ah ok. The used picture can create the mistake :wink:

Indeed. I’ll update the text to give a bit more info about what it is… :grin:

It’s a very good find and we need people that keep posting new and/or suspected discoveries! I was totally into this and posted it on Discord, so I’m happy we could shoot it down so quickly. If you find something new @kerdorin don’t hesitate to post!

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still digging yes :rabbit2:

Anyway, i made some advertising for Athenadb if some people here didn’t know it :wink:

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Hahah yes, thanks. How did you even find it?!

Through a google research about “NMS databse animal name” i found this and the NMS subreddit.

Wow thanks for clearing that up for us Athena :slight_smile: Appreciate all the work you’re putting in to this database and look forward to using it come 1.3.

I currently use No Mans COnnect app to log my discoveries, I will gladly transfer all my discoveries to your database. Would be great to combine all these seperate databases the community have been building at some point, get a nice cohesive read on the galaxies. Would be hard to organise and no doubt some people out there would rather have their creation be the only one used than share resources etc.

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