The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


I’m just trying to imagine how that could happen. Did someone just pick up a tree and smash it through your ship?



I guess I wasn’t supposed to put my base computer and portal so close to the building.


No filters.


No, that’s how I landed. “Landing area not clear” it said. Then I moved along and landed in a different location and impaled the ship on a tree. I guess it’s better than landing on the top of a 50 foot tree like in the older version of the game. :slight_smile:


Wait. . . is that not a Player?
Cuz … then … this shot would fit so nicely in the SENTINEL SURFING thread. :smiley: :+1:

Forgot to offer the link for those who wanted it!



Perhaps a little less wine and little more programming.


I found one of those too. Hilariously, it’s right next to a “Thirsty Planet” :joy:



Gonna need a bigger jetpack.


“Do you have big rig parking at your base?”

“Sure, no problem”

Like a glove.


My character had some… issues when I was in a space station. I was instantly given an idea and made this out of it


Looks like someone already took the ship. Which I suppose is actually possible now.


Nah, as far as I could see, the ships are missing on empty planets. Just the beacon there. Which would be fine if the flavour text wouldn’t keep talking about the ship being right there. :smile:


Landing at this base had the frightening discovery that it actually had a landing pad. As it automatically grabbed the ship, I was dragged into the earth.
Launching & landing elsewhere solved the issue.


The disturbing shadow image of my destination that appeared on screen instead of the usual teleport blue swirls.


… OR …

It might even have been someone else’s STARTING spot…! :open_mouth:


I’ve given this pic another look, @toddumptious

I’m …concerned … that the Walker looks somewhat smaller than usual in comparison to the ExoSuit size… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m imagining the Walker being “behind” the ExoSuit, whilst the Exo is coming down from a high Jetpack Jump . . . and the timing of the pic was “perfect” (or, in Photo mode, everything being “paused”, the camera was positioned just so – creating a look of perfection. :smiley: :+1:


For comparative reference:

Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!

… and …

Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!

Unless I’ve completely missed out on the addition, in NEXT, of an “in-between” category Sentinel – Mini-Walker, smaller than Walker, and bigger than Quadra …? :stuck_out_tongue:

[edit] - tidying only; still in AWE of @toddumptious’ ‘image manipulation’ – very convincing! [/edit]


Ah yes it was just a trick of the lens :wink: I plan on doing some actual sentinel surfing soon but I felt this did not count. I just liked to imagine if that walker is to scale, how big is that Anomaly? I imagine it’s a scary story told to Vy’keen children like The Headless Horseman :wink:


Do you read me, HAL?

Open the Drop Pod doors HAL…