The Last Campfire (spoilers section)

Figured some of us would get the last campfire and might have questions or want to share photos or thoughts. If so, might be best to put them here for now. I won’t be getting the game for a bit so I too don’t want to be spoiled till I get the game and complete it first. I do just want to say one thing:

I love easter eggs in games and hope that there is a NMS easter egg in the game somewhere.


right oh. It’s not a game I am interested in. But I may buy a copy down the road as a gift for someone else just to show Hello Games support.

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Its Available Now


Just bought the game on Epic. For some reason I had a $10 coupon in the Epic store, so instead of costing $15 USD, it was only $5.

It’s a 1.2 GB download.


Still, inexpensive in the world of games. Cellular internet…in a storm…will be another 50 minutes til I can play… :neutral_face:


Yum! I want to crackle a frog now. :grin:

First NMS similarity, we are a Traveller!

*Found one bug. When freeing the Forlorn behind the locked gate, the on screen words do not match the narrator’s words
*Another bug…after getting my boat and entering the next area, when I examined the snake head with mirror, I somehow popped onto the snake’s head and was stuck. Had to restart.
*Another bug, the metal lens for the Builder did not show in my bag.
*Acouple of bugs where upon waking the forlorn, the camera was stuck in nearby scenery
*And lastly, during the missions with the snake, the narrator’s story about the snake was clipped by the narrator’s lore about the nearby Forlorn the snake was wrapped around.
*On Switch, there is some lag during the cut scenes when waking a Forlorn and when freeing an ember. May be just the Switch’s low power.
OPINION: A short game but a very sweet game. A number of the puzzles are just hard enough to give pause but not so difficult as to need a guide. 9/10
This is a game I will likely play again one rainy day. Will stay in my Library.

Side note: would love to see puzzle elements incorporated into NMS
As for any links or references to NMS, the basic story line, each Traveller on a journey. Each lost on his own. The journey is better when shared. The journey itself leads to the end and yet, we continue because the journey itself is the objective. The end is merely the conclusion.


Anyone run into a glitch on the Last Campfire where your boat disappears?
I just finished the Ember wrapped around the snake and then saved my game and quit out.
When I got back on, my boat is gone and I’m stuck.
Any ideas how I can get out of this?


Oh no! I did not encounter that. Will likely need to restart. I don’t know if all consoles got the latest update. And no idea what issues it addressed. Make sure to report it

And welcome to the forum @MobiusStork!

Thank you!