Last Campfire DEMO (no Save) on Stteam now 2021_Oct 07

I downloaded this today and it seems very poignant and sweet. As I mentioned above there is no saving in the demo, but it seems to go on and on. I spent over two and a half hours in it today.

Normally I dislike puzzle games, but I think, with the help of guides if I get really stuck, I will fully enjoy this one. Bought the full game at 10% off.

Not sure how long the demo has been there, nor how long it will be (Steam is having a free demo week)


I got this from Steam this morning:


Bought it on Switch when it first came out and loved every second of it. Never did need a guide for the puzzles but did have to put some thought into them. Beautiful game.


Yeah, I haven’t looked for a guide yet. I’m pretty stubborn. I will keep banging my head against it until it gives.

I admire people who can enjoy puzzles. I think I just don’t have that kind of patience. lol

Strangely I have been enjoying the puzzles in this, even though I got stuck. I bought the game anyway because it’s cool and thoughtful, and will probably keep my ancient brain cells from atrophying (as quickly).

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None of the puzzles are really difficult.
We found 2 points where we needed to take a breather & look at it with a fresh approach & then found the answers were blindingly obvious.
(My family played it through in one session passing the remote (PS5) around with everyone having a go, while the spectators gave advice).
Was a lovely little game & resulted in me hunting for more puzzle type games.


Your experience of the Last Campfire sounds lovely! :heart:
Ma tried the demo last night and got stuck at the same place that I did. He is usually very good at puzzle, so now I’m wondering if it was a bit of a glitch in the demo version.
I think I went through the wrong exit, though, so that may have some bearing on it. We seem to be able to go through into new areas even if we have not solved the previous puzzle.
I love games like this that Mal and I can play in parallel and share the experience like you and your family did.
Edit: I may also get it for the Switch, to see how that experience goes.


I put it on my Steam Wish List as soon as they announced it was going to Steam. Then I had to wait a whole year more due to Epic Games and their Poaching of Wish List Games. I am playing it right now and from the start it works with my controller that I use for playing games on my PC. (For Controller support make sure you have your controller enabled as the only source of control . The game will just pick up that you are using one)

The Puzzles are not too hard but there is a learning curve and they do get more complex. I love the art style and the only problem I have with it is the fact you cannot move your view orientation with the right stick. Can be hard seeing where you are because of that :slight_smile:

The full game is only 15 dollars and 14 I believe if you order now. Great price point for a game of this level of detail and love :slight_smile:

Currently got past the first Campfire and working on the next one. Looking forward to eventually completing the game. 14 dollars well spent in my opinion :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a chance to play the full version yet. I’m looking forward to it, maybe tomorrow, but I am starting to gear up for a possible painting exhibition, currently adding isolation coats to all my finished (haha) acrylic paintings.
So far, playing the demo, I found the character of Ember so poignantly sweet! I can’t wait to play again.

Let me know how you like the next part.

(and welcome back!)