The Landscape Came Back


I cleared an area of land for my base. I laid wooden floor panels to keep it flat. I built a little base.

I went adventuring.

While I was away, the landscape came back…


get out the snow shovel


I feel like underground bases still need work from Hello games before they work properly other than strictly using naturally clear space such us in huge caves and such…which do exist. THere are some absolutely enormous caves out there where you can absolutely build a base in.


Me too my first slightly underground base got filled in yesterday and I decided to redig it out. It was a hard process but I guess there was a good reason for the reset in terrain on older bases. Hope it doesn’t keep happening because have the beginnings of a base built into a mountain looking very nice :slight_smile:


Trouble is, the base I’ve pictured above is not underground. It’s on the surface, and only slightly levelled. And then it’s capped with wooden flooring, in an attempt to keep the land under control.

It didn’t work, though.


Do you mean I may have to redig out the base again each time till they fix it ?

I think even if you use the Terrain Manipulator to dig or the Building Base Part trick the bug will occur if It is indeed a normal thing now. I have a base that I put down from the recovery option in the Base computer. I do believe even after fixing it up so it wasn’t full of grass inside that the bug also caused it to fill up again … :slight_smile:

Hopefully Hello Games is watching and A fix is on the way :slight_smile:


Not unless you post it on Zendesk, no, they’re not.


Just a little snow. Get out the shovel. :laughing:


Good luck @Polyphemus, hope this one gets fixed for you! :relieved:


I did not level the land, I brought it up around the outside of my base…I did have some rocks auto clear when I put some stuff out and yep, they keep coming back. I am totally okay with it because I am going for an "at one with nature’ kind of look. Looks like you were aiming for that ‘south pole outpost’ look. :grin:


I should have called in Ziggy as a consultant. Wrong pole, I know, but icy wastes, all the same.


Does the Terrain Man do snow? You could make a snowman. :snowman_with_snow:


UPDATE: It appears that not only does terrain come back but, stuff is actually disappearing…
here is my shot from earlier today. Notice the trees behind my base through the window

after the walker battle, I noticed the trees missing around my round base but behind my actual ‘home’ everything was fine.
I ran a few errands and returned to find this

The trees behind my home have almost all disappeared…mysterious.
My daughter says she has noticed stuff moving around. :ghost:


I built a Geobay like 15 minutes ago. There was no landscaping there…I suddenly had online services…then they were gone. Now there are rocks, 2 bushes and 2 green plants by my GeoBay and that bush was not there when I planted the Star Bulb…


I have a nice base location myself and am very careful to not go below the existing landscape. Basically I make sure to build everything right on top and go from there. There are quite a lot of trees and other resources around my base, but I am afraid of touching it, to not spoil my view. So every time I need resources, I take my ship to go elsewhere. I am just afraid that any tree or bush I take down, will never grow back. I have been mining some pebbles where I decided to build, just to test and see if they return, but no luck so far.

As for a fix everyone is waiting for, to not have the terrain grow back, don’t get your hopes up. Saving terrain changes has a lot of implications. If anything, the best they can do is ensure that the inside of structures remains empty. Basically having it work similar to when you placed it, taking out the terrain each time an area loads again. Terrain manipulation without a structure or buildable object, will likely continue to come back. I don’t see that getting sorted any time soon, as it requires saving separately.


I don’t mean to alarm you but it sounds like you are slowly being surrounded by an elite clan of Ninja.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Today, my trees are back…:thinking:


On the Steam Experimental discussion thread, they’re asking people to post their bugs/issues there as well. So not just the Zendesk thing.


Indeed. But there are lots of people here who are on PS4, GOG, and who knows? Possibly Xbox. They don’t have access to Steam.

My main concern is that people may think Hello Games come here looking for bug reports - and they don’t.

There may be other effective ways of communication, but the one sure way of reporting a bug, for everybody, is Zendesk.


What makes you so sure?