The Galactic Avian Organization


Only thing I know to make it easier at least, is to scan, then zoom in, attempting to keep following the bird aimed at. On PC that would be F for scan visual, then right-mouse 3 times for max zoom, then left-mouse to scan while trying to keep track.


Thanks! I’ll try that out this evening. I saw some suggesting killing the bird and was really hoping there was an alternative!










Now named “BatDOGGO” by my sister.


First contribution! :wink:






Seriously, it hunts Sentinels? Cool. I will take about a dozen.



That sort of pug face seems to be very common on avians…


From a Terraforming Disaster planet

A parrot?


A tip for scanning birds on PS4.

I discovered that by moving sideways while attempting to scan birds helps find a ‘window/sweetspot’ that lets you scan them.
Also, I’ve found cycling through the individual birds as they loop, often reveals which one is the ‘easy’ scan.
By combining these 2 methods, I’ve found scanning birds far less frustrating.
Happy bird watching guys.


I use your easy scan cycle method because I’m convinced only one bird of each grouping is scannable, same way only back end of a skyworm is scannable but its probably all in my head. This game does that a lot :joy:


Maybe…but for a long time I was convinced those larger dragon-birds were in cahoots or pranksters.
I’d madly run after them trying to lock in a scan and inevitably stumble over snappies as I went.


I’m starting to plan what the official GAO system will look like! My idea is to build a welcome center right next to the portal, and throughout the system on each planet there will be identical “watch towers” where there will be meeting rooms, observatory rings on the very top of the towers, and things like that. While I’m still searching for the perfect system, feel free to suggest any ideas you have! Even better, after the perfect system has been found, you can help build the bases! More info in the future on what the bases will actually look like from the outside.



Yummy! Dairy Milk Chocolate birdy, very careful not to fly too close to the sun!