Co-op Group Finder

Looking for people to play with once NEXT arrives? No worries! That’s the point of this thread!
So here’s how it works:
-post a reply stating how many people you want to join including your PSN/Steam name/Xbox Gamertag
-if you want to join in a group, reply to the reply, stating you would like to join
-when everything is done, and everybody is connected ingame, everyone involved deletes their reply’s to “close” it, therefore preventing confusion.

I don’t know if this is a thing already but I thought it was a good idea so why not ¯_(ツ)_/¯


We are working on something similar in the discussion thread. I will provide the link. You may want to consider forming a group/hub etc…give yourself a name. Write up an Intro what the group is about etc…This is a good idea for ppl who may not want to belong to a Hub but just play with random ppl or just meet up with someone once in a while. Work on creating a name and an identity for this group of random travelers. Maybe even set up a portal (however it will work in NEXT) and prepare yourself for visitors.
Hopefully, we will have new headers specifically for NEXT in the near future.
I will link you to recent discussions.


Where would I put an announcement for a new group? I don’t think I could deal with the pressure of making a hub to be honest, but a group would be cool. (Sorry for responding so late)

You could post the idea in the thread above. It is really hard to know how to handle it until NEXT hits. We will be getting headers for NEXT and then we can start setting up threads for various Hubs and groups.
It doesn’t really put you in charge…it would be more like a thread set up for ppl who just want to play together without being in a Hub.

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I would suggest to create a new topic for any announcements you may have for your group. Best to keep such things separated and not combined in other group/hub announcements. If you have a name of your group, could include it as a prefix/suffix in the title.

For general discussion and looking for players to form a group, this topic is perfectly fine :wink:

I have suggested to those in charge to consider creating a separate category for Hub related topics. Groups would fit that category very well too. Some changes to organisation are planned in the very near future and we will move topics accordingly once this happens.


I’ll get this rolling,

Format & User: PSN: Oshoryu-_-
In game Location: Normal/Euclid
Glyphs: 16
Freighter: Yes
Time zone: GMT
Usual Playtimes: Tuesday & Thursday Evenings


Completely Agree with @DevilinPixy. This group is perfect as an LFG (Looking for Group) forum.

This format is perfect for the now. Can be updated and changed if and when new play-styles will be brought about in the next update.
Adding the information to the Imaginarium and Hyperlinking this Forum.

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So tomorrow for NEXT I’m going to be streaming, and I was wondering if anyone would like to start a new save and play co-op together. I’ll be online tomorrow around 10-11 EST if anyone’s interested. I’m on PS4 and my PSN is: Falkenjager1

Older thread for sharing co-op details.

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I am a creative player on no mans sky and looking to have others join me for base building and just fun this is my worlds cordinance 20180727_154800 so seek out a portal and join

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Also add me on ps4 at BlagueUnseen

PC/PS4/xbox? Or does that matter anymore? Also Game Mode?

For all who post here, be sure to include console and mode.

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